My Vision For New Earth Education

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Hi guys <3

This post will be very different from all others, but a very special one to me. Here I will not discuss our personal ascension process, or spiritual tools of transformation. In this blog I will focus on something very dear to my heart – my vision for the schools of the future ( that can very well be now with right people and resources in place). I do not have any people or resources to make this vision reality at this moment, but I know that a lot of you listening to this video and reading this blog do. And I know that this will serve as a great activator for movement in the direction of our collectively desired future for us and our children.

When I think about education system, I think of empowerment. I believe that the biggest objective of the education system should be to show the students their immense power, empower them to choose their path and their ability to choose for themselves, and give them the right tools to help achieve their goals. Not give them data and then judge them on how well they can memorize it. Not give them information and “morals’ that create good obedient citizen, but let them express their own values in their own unique way in an environment that is free of judgement and full of love and support.

My interest in schooling and education bares roots in my own traumatic childhood. Because I grew up as a very sensitive psychic ( turns out!) child in a very unconscious environment, I have always dreamed of opening a school for sensitive children. Where they can be taught all about their gifts, how energy and vibration work how human body and energy field work etc. But lately I have been giving it more and more thought, and with my own expansion came a vision much bigger than that. I now dream about a school that can become a blueprint for the education of the new paradigm, where children are taught sacred knowledge from the very start and are empowered to become their best self through their unique self-expression.


I believe that the main principles and objectives of a New Earth education should be:

  • Help children remember that they are sovereign beings with a clear guidance system within themselves. Not producing obedient citizens.
  • Teach new generations to question everything by seeking internal alignment with their own truth first
  • Help children maintain knowledge of the Universal Laws ans Truths they came in with ( such as 7 hermetic principles, or Law of attraction etc )
  • Teach in depth and truth about Earth, body, energy systems, matrix coding, using one’s energy and vibration – all that has been kept from us that we are learning now, should be mainstream education from the very start ( 4-5 years old)

What I see in my vision resembles more of a mystery school of the past, yet I believe that the time has come to make this sacred knowledge mainstream. I believe we are ready to teach our children what we have learned, and that there are enough people on this planet awake at this time who are capable of bringing this vision to life. People who know sacred geometry in depth and can explain it to a child, people who deeply understand how matrix and dimensionality work and can deliver that knowledge to children of various ages etc. People are ready, and children who require such education are definitely here and ready.

In the following video I talk about my concrete vision for such a school of the future. What subject I would teach, how and why. What principles of the school would be and how it might work with parents and our legal system now.


[youtube id=”tGjocEDmwBc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


I am so so so excited to hear your feedback and thoughts on this. So let me know what you think in the comments, like this video, share it in groups and with your friends that might be able to bring such vision to life at this moment. As I am typing now, I am thinking of starting  Facebook group dedicated specifically to this discussion about New Earth education and collecting all the people in one place that can affect real change and can bring this vision to life. Let me know what you think of this,

Love, Katya <3

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