The World Of Diversity Is Yours To Claim

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Hello, tribe <3

Hope all is well and July is bringing you as many shifts as it does work. It has been a heavy month for me so far, but through all the heaviness I had a pleasure to receive such beautiful words of wisdom from our counterparts and companions on the other side of the veil. In today’s post I will share one of them.

It is so profound, it slashes any limiting beliefs about becoming someone other than what you already innately are. Whether that would be following some theoretical concept of what your body should look like, or what your skin color should be to feel a sense of self-worth and be  treated with dignity, or what your dreams are, your true beliefs.

Really, think about it, how many times since we can remember, have we heard that what we believe is just a fantasy, that we have to strive to this and this in order to be accepted and honored by society, how may times have you been told that you will not be happy in life unless you have this fictional template of a body, with this shape of lips and this shape of eyebrows. How many times have you stopped and realized that what you are is not nearly enough to fill the shoes of this “human-I-gotta-be” template? That you have to change your appearance, your beliefs, your dreams and aspirations.

Just. To. Be. Loved.

Imagine this instead…

Imagine a beautiful colorful world, where every being is different. One is short and one is tall. One flies and one crawls. One is pink and another is white. One is shaped like a triangle, and another is shaped like a human. In this world everyone has their own place. Everyone carries out their own unique mission to benefit the whole. In this world every small little being is vastly important, because it too has its own important role, and every being is created perfectly for the role they are there to live. They have perfect shape, perfect color, perfect energy to carry out their task.

It is a beautiful harmonious world of diversity, abundance, and richness.

Every being is ecstatic to experience this beauty with all others, as they are all so different and unique, they provide different experiences for one another. Making life interesting, exciting, adventurous. There’s never a dull moment, as the world is filled with beauty and uniqueness.

Endless possibilities to explore!

Everyone is different and perfect in their expression of why they came here. Everyone is happy to be occupying their perfect space.

This IS your world.

You have just been taught to see it otherwise. You have been taught into pursuit of a fictional template that someone created to perpetuate global consumerism. You have been told how to think, what to look like, how to talk, what to want.

This directive could not be further from the truth. This directive aims to take you away from your true expression of self and into pursuit of an illusion. When in reality you don’t must be anything other than what you innately are. Right here, right now.

Perfect as you are right this moment.

With the body you have right this moment. With skin color you have right this moment. You are perfect. Perfect in the expression of what you came here to be and shine as. Perfect as you are. Right this moment.

With the smile you have, with what you REALLY believe deep in your heart, with your fears, doubts and insecurities…you are perfect.

You are exactly at the point of evolution you need to be in the divine plan for you and all. We love you as you are. Perfect. Right this moment. And we wish you this same feeling of self-love and appreciation.

– Your galactic collective of sisters and brothers

Profound stuff, especially when you really let yourself imagine it and feel how it would feel to live in such a world. And then to really let it sink in that we DO have that opportunity, and FEEL how that shift in perspectives can alter your current experience. I personally have to imagine this again and again to really ground it, as I have heard a collection of limiting programing that has kept me small and striving for a false sense of self for years.

What do you think ? How have you been told that you are not enough and need to change? I would love to talk in the comments below. And on this note, I wish you the most profound self-love and acceptance.

Love, Katya <3

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