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The Butterfly

Hi all <3 I am so excited to be writing this post and posting the video that comes with it. Lately, life has been all about letting go for me. Still is. It feels like [...]

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GROUNDING – Resistance & Anger

Hi all. I hope you have been doing well, and I ... finally recorded a video for you. Yaaaaay! Again, I touch on the topic of grounding, highlighting something that a lot of us are [...]

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Hi all! I have been MIA for a while, not writing or making videos, ever since January. And later in this post you will understand why. But today I want to touch on a very [...]

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Happy New Year, friends <3 In today's video I talk about how this radical honesty moment I have experienced a couple of weeks ago transformed my view of my life, of the craziness that has [...]