How To Stop Procrastinating On Your Mission And Start Sharing The Love That You Are

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Hi tribe <3

In the last month I have been observing a wide-spread tendency, that is very common in our current energies. Not limited to these energies by any means though.

What has been going on is the following: over the last year we have been rapidly growing and evolving, cleansing and purging, healing and transforming, letting in more of the energies of our True Selves, learning who we are and who we are not. This intense productive process has left a lot of us with so much wisdom, so many personal breakthroughs, and so much desire to share all that we have learned with others. Some are being called to share their stories of transformation, some have come up with teaching programs, some have collected a lot of practical tools, some have new exciting ideas of how to transform systems and societal structures.

We have been gifted with so many inspired ideas!

And here is the tendency that I have witness my clients show me in sessions over and over. So many of us have these amazing ideas and projects, some of us have created amazing things, but then we sit down in front of the computer, or the phone… and we can not do it. We can not share this love that we have birthed. We doubt, we fear, we over-analyze.

The script runs something like this: “I am no expert to share any of this. Who am I to share? So many people have done this, it’s not worth the effort. What if I get criticized? What if I get personally attacked? What if nobody needs it?”

I have recorded this video to destroy all of those doubts for you and offer you new exciting perspectives of how to look at your work and your ideas and how to share it with ease and much joy.

  1. What you have conceived of or created is the energy bi-product of your growth, and you sharing it is only about you needing to get it out of your system. Nothing else. It will feel good to you, because it is natural. Not only that, if you do not share it, the energy can stagnate, create blockages and physically hurt you. Sharing your ideas and projects as your soul is calling you to will feel good, it will free up space for more inspiration and more joy to come in, and it will promote a healthy flow of energy through your system. This is the main point I would LOVE for you to remember. That sharing all these projects and ideas is beneficial for you. Regardless if people will find them helpful or not, regardless of whether anyone will show up for them or not, regardless of what feedback you will receive. It works the same way when you eat. You take in food with beautiful energy in it, you use up the energy, and the bi-product of the cycle has to come out. If it does not, it can create blockages and hurt you. Here is an even better metaphor. When a woman is pregnant for 9 months, there comes a time when the baby is ready to come out. Imagine what would happen if the woman sat there thinking “Why would I birth just another baby? So many people have done this before me?” And then she would hold the baby in with all she’s got. It would hurt her big time. The same with your inspired ideas. Let that energy out of yourself because it is good for you. Not for any other reason.
  2. Think about it like this: If it benefited me, it will benefit other people. So if you are struggling with the idea that nobody will show up for your project or that nobody will need it, ground yourself in remembering how it benefited you. And the sooner you do it after your breakthrough that caused the inspiration to appear, the easier it will be to share, and the more powerful the feeling will be.
  3. Similarly to the last point, think of it like this: If I went through such a hard time figuring it out ,someone else must going through it too and, this info can help. Again, the closer you are to the point of breakthrough the easier it will be to tap into this energy behind this sentence.
  4. Adopt this mantra: I am the answer to somebody’s prayers. I do not really need to expand on this one. It is so powerful. I know it speaks to each one of you on so many levels that I can not even conceive of. Use it. It has tremendous power.
  5. Instead of anticipating negative reactions, have fun with it. Have a sense of curiosity without attachment. Get yourself an organic popcorn and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you can remove th5e blog, close the website, close the business. Just have a light heart and have fun with it all. In the end, you did not create it for someone, but for yourself. You are the person who benefited most out of it.

This video can help you finally stop procrastinating on your inspiration and move forward with joy and ease, without getting stuck in doubts and fears.


[youtube id=”uA_hh5YYxvA” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Have fun with it, like it, share it with your friends, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love, Katya Turner

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