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Greetings, my friends <3

In this post I want to share with you the tools that have helped me along my journey to remember who I was. An Indigo, a Starseed, a Lightworker, a Star Child, a Volunteer.

As you know, I grew up in post-USSR Ukraine – very unconscious surroundings. I was very aware of my power, my energy and my wisdom as a child, but in the process of assimilating to the world I was born into I abandoned my true identity, I learned that my gifts were my curse, a flaw in my creation, something that prevented me from being same as others, and therefore prevented me from being loved and accepted. One thing that never left though, was the undeniable feeling of purpose that I have carried through all my life. And in 2012 that feeling got so strong, that I had to start looking for answers. I was digging, I was hungry for truth, I knew that I needed to find something very important.

In 2013 me and my husband started working with Dolores Cannon, and the doors slowly started opening. It was like a live string of clues that appeared out of nowhere. As soon as I pulled on the string, I got one part, then the next, then the next. In this post I will share with you videos, books, articles that have helped me find answers to that internal feeling , that call to something bigger. At that time I had absolutely no clue what it was, but it was there, and it was ripping my chest open.

When I started watching these videos and reading these books, the remembrance was not instantly conscious. Sometimes I would just watch a video and break down crying for hours for no apparent reason. I did not know why I was crying. But it felt so good and excruciating at the same time. I followed the string of clues, getting bits and bits of information from each source. And keep on doing it till this day.

In this Starseed Activation Kit I want to share with you  the videos, books, and other resources that helped me remember who I was, that fired the codes of knowing, that propelled me forward on my way to my soul mission, and that made sense of so much of my past.


Who are Starseeds?

Starseeds are ascended beings of a very high vibration, who have descended to 3D and incarnated as humans to help lift the consciousness of the planet from that of fear and control to unconditional love.


These videos work not only to show you that you are not alone feeling what you are feeling, and but also as triggers, firing your Starseed codes. You might remember a lot instantly, or you might just get the feeling of home and belonging.

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Starseed Activation Kit - books - nikki patillo - children of the stars

Nikki Patillo – Chldren Of The Stars

This book can help you make a lot of sense of your childhood: what you felt, what you experienced, what you did, and your reactions to what was around you. Brilliant book. Here Nikki Patillo describes characteristics of Indigo, Crystal and rainbow children, dedicating a full chapter to each type of vibration, she explains the progression of incarnations of these souls and all reasons behind it. She also gives amazing advice on how to parent the new  sensitive children, she gives meditation ideas and other practical tool and resources for your remembering and parenting of your next generation of Starseeds. This book is also available as audiobook on iTunes, and you can listen to it all in less than a day.



Starseed Activation Kit - books - dolores cannon - three waves of volunteersDolores Cannon – Three Waves Of Volunteers

This book can greatly assist in remembering why and how you volunteered to be on Earth at this time. Especially if you are over 30. You can see how Dolores discovers three distinct waves of souls who have volunteered to come to Earth and lift the vibration of the planet through her past life regression work.







In these videos you can further look for resonance to particular Starseed Origins. Note, you might be drawn to multiple ones at the same time, and it is totally normal. To find out why, see my Facebook video on Starseed Origins. In this video I describe how one Starseed can be incarnated in multiple places at the same time, how it works energetically, and what it means for you – the human.

Traits of Pleiadean Souls:

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Traits Of Arcturian Souls:

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Traits of Orion Souls:

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Traits Of Andromedan Souls:

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Traits Of Sirian Souls:

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Traits Of Vegan Souls:

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Traits Of Pvillian Souls:

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Find Your Starseed Origins Exercise:

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  1. Physical Symptoms Of Ascension:
  2. Stages of Ascension:
  3. How To Know If You Are A Starseed:


Having a QHHT session can be greatly beneficial in your process of remembering. During these sessions your Higher Self shows you lives/bits of your past that are apropriate for you to know at the time, as well as answers your questions directly through you. A wonderful tool for remembering!


Our soul purpose is never revealed to us in full, but rather  breadcrumb by breadcrumb. Here is a sure key to lead you on your way. Ask yourself the following question (and I suggest meditating on it, really feeling it):

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

After pinpointing out what it is your heart is filled with passion for, ask yourself the following:

What can I do today with the resources I have to bring me closer to this goal?

And remember: every little bit counts. Tiny consistent effort adds up to move mountains, so never underestimate even your smallest daily effort.


I hope this little collections of tools can help you along your journey from confusion to clarity, to remembering, to knowing with the heart of your bones, who you are and why you are here. And what is that feeling that you are supposed to do something important in this life all about.

It helped me So So much! NOt just in teh beginning of my journey, when I knew nothing, but also way way into it. Some of these videos have touched my soul in places that I did not even know existed. And that is what I wish for you today. Clarity, remembrance, and alignment with your True Self.

Do you know of any other amazing tools that can help fellow Starseeds awaken to their truth? Let me know if the comments below and I will make sure to review them and add them to the list of resources.

With much love, Katya <3


Want to know why I write this? Read my story here. If you like what I have to say in my blogs and videos, you might love a private session with me. You can read all about them here and book yours, following the book now link.


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