THE SHIFT And Welcome Back Into The Matrix, Masters!

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Hi friends <3

What a powerful time we are in! We are shifting, changing, cleansing, being plugged back in – all at the same time. The energies of February eclipses were life changing, perspective-altering, shifting us on so many levels, that now everything that happened until now feels like a past life. It carries no major relevance, as we are NEW. Fully new. We look at our world differently, we process life differently, we show up in relationships differently, we feel completely different.

Eclipse energies have wrapped up yet another cycle for us, they have lifter us to another level, opening up a full new set of possibilities.  The core of the shifts that are happening is the switch from focusing on circumstances to our personal depth. From focusing on the matrix to the one who gets to play in the matrix and enjoy it. From limitations of the game to the one playing the game. In essence of these shifts we are finding our power in re-connecting with the core of our energy. It feels as though we are changing the shallow limited human perspective/being to deep powerful limitless energy being perspective. We are shifting from being a human to living as an energy being through the physical body. And it feels so. damn. good 🙂

Here is how this shift has happened to me, and I promise to turn this into a guided meditation ( subscribe to my YouTube here to listen to it as soon as it comes out), as it is so POWERFUL and can change your life, the quality of your life, how you feel your life and interact with your life at the core.

One night I was way stressed out. I felt so much weight of my life on me. Everyone wanted something from me: my toddler, my newborn, my husband, house, work, dogs… I felt under such pressure of it all, even though I realized in that moment that the pressure I was experiencing was my belief that I owed it to all of them to show up for them before I could ever do what I wanted or just felt like doing. I felt my own prison so acutely that night, I could not take it any longer. I went for a walk. Alone. Left the husband with children at home, and went to be with myself. I disparately wanted to sit in nature, talk to it. Talk about how heavy it feels to have all of these things that need and want something from you, talk about how I wanted stillness and quiet alone time.

There are no places of wild nature without people that I was familiar with in my area here, so I just went for a walk in my neighborhood. It is a newly built community and has undeveloped land all around it. One of the roads that I found continued as a gravel road into a field. I was so happy to have made that discovery. I walked down that path watching the sunset, tears rolling down my face. My life felt so so heavy on top of me, and all I wanted was to find myself underneath it all and just be me for a little bit. Not a mom, a wife, a daughter, a teacher, but just me. Before any of that appears. Just me with myself.

I sat there with nature until I stopped crying and then i just started to aimlessly walk the streets of my neighborhood. That is when I heard in my head: ” What if you were to die right now? Right this moment. And could never come back. What if you had to leave this planet, nature that you love, all the places you heard of that you have always wanted to see, people you love…. What if you had to leave it all right now?”

This was really easy for me to imagine. A couple of years ago, when my dark night of the soul started, I was shown a lot of past lives, and in one of them I clearly remember lifting up from the body and matrix disintegrating before my eyes. So now, when I heard that question, I saw it right away. Me lifting up out of the body, seeing my house, my street, my city from above. Then our planet. I could really feel the finality of it in that moment, and that is when the shift happened. My first thought in response to that prompt were “Oh my God, I have shown up for everybody, I made sure everyone was happy, but I have not shown up for myself! I did not have fun!!! What is this life worth if I never show up for me? I had all of these plans and wishes of how I want to play with this life, what I want to experience, and if I just keep making others happy without having fun myself, I am just wasting time!”

It was such a profound realization. In that moment it finally dawned on me that this life, this incarnation is between me and my energy. That all else is just a bonus. They are all layers over me having fun with my energy in this body. In that moment I could feel clearly the core of myself, and how all else are just things for me to play with: this Earth, my body, all people in my life, all places, experiences, all the stuff I own or can own. They are all tools, toys for me to play with. From that point of being so removed from the matrix I was free of the programming, the shoulds, the stories we buy into, and the clarity of this incarnation was undeniable. From that point there was only one question left: How do I want to play with all of it in this moment? What do I want to experience? How do I choose to have fun?

Nothing was ever the same after this. Ever since then that is the first thought I have when I wake up. I look around the room, look outside my window and ask: How do I want to have fun today?”

From this place everything has changed: how I see the world, life, how I process it all, how I show up for others, how I structure my day…Everything!

Here are the major points of the shifts in perspectives and experiences that I have experienced as a result of this and that I see so many other starseeds experience out in the collective:

  • We feel more in our bodies, more present, more grounded. How many of us have felt out of our bodies for the majority of our lives, and even more so when our ascension kicked in? I personally felt so ungrounded, so not present ever since 2012 ,that at times it was concerning to me ( listen to my ascension story and how a crazy panic attack kicked me out of my body ). Mindfulness meditation did not make any sense to me back then, as I could not bring my focus enough into the physical, let alone become my senses, as I was floating somewhere in my top two chakras. February / March shift has finally changed it for me and for so many other starseeds. We finally feel like we have dropped back into our bodies, we finally feel safe being in our bodies, we feel no need to escape.
  • We feel more like ourselves. Oh sweet glory! And we thought it would never come. Remember the happy, cheerful, strong, energetic selves we used to be? Remember how we used to enjoy life? Well, that is all coming back. Finally. And it feels oh so sweet.
  • We feel no need to change our emotional states. We love ourselves fully in the moment whether we are happy, content, angry or sad. We finally stop judging ourselves and overthink how we feel and why and just experience it fully.
  • We see everything as an experience and value in every experience. As we have connected to our core, we are able to look at life fully from the Soul’s perspective. And our Soul views it all as a beautiful experience of energy through the body without judging it as positive or negative.
  • Judgement of anything as positive and negative becomes obsolete, as we see it all as valuable experience for the Soul.
    We can finally comprehend how our Soul has fun through the body even in situations our human selves would label as negative, bad, unwanted. For the soul even the experience of being killed by the person it loved the most is thrilling, exciting, interesting thing to experience. As the soul views it as a fun game to learn through. And it is only when we lose ourselves in the belief that the game is all that is, that we start attaching ourselves to the game, the characters, the rules, and we suffer, and we fear.
  • We feel no need to judge lower levels of consciousness as they too are valid and beautiful as they are. We are able to look deep into unconscious layers of society and see their beauty as well. From the newly found Soul perspective they are just another level of the game that is a pre-requisite for all more advanced levels.
  • We feel no need to manifest anything, make anything different than what is. Even our limited human perspective is now able to fully let go and let the higher aspect drive the train. Or we can always choose the soul perspective from which life is a big playground and there are no limitations to what you can create or obtain or experience. The only limitation you can acquire is when you get lost on the game.
  • We feel more playful as we get to decide how we will enjoy our incarnation in any given moment
  • We start living fully inside of our energy field as opposed to constantly being concerned with what others might think, feel and living in their energy field instead ( as we are constantly probing them for how they feel ). You know that hyper-attunement – gone. It dissolves the second we shift out of the game to the one playing the game. From that perspective all that ever matters in this dance is what is inside your energy bubble, how do you live and experience your life.

Another interesting aspect of this major shift is that simultaneously we are also being plugged back into the matrix. We are being called to re-integrate in society, stop hermiting and call our friends back. Finally. And here is how that feels:

  • We feel less like aliens and more like super-humans. For years we felt like we are not of this Earth. We felt like we are literally aliens who walk this Earth, who cannot relate to anyone out there on the streets. We felt completely separate from society. Especially during the dark night of the soul, that deep dark depression tghat isolated us with our selves. That is finally dissolving, as we start feeling like we are “back”. Essentially, it feels like our life prior to Ascension, but now we are more awake and powerful than ever. We know and feel this matrix inside out, and we now play with it freely. We feel more like super-humans 🙂
  • We feel a part of the world again. Again, it feels like a switch was flipped again, and our pre-Ascension normal state is back. We feel more present in the matrix more present in the body, in society. Yet we are all NEW.
  • We start enjoying the matrix again. Mainstream music, TV, food, clothes… we all went on that purifying cleanse that we needed to understand how our vibration and consciousness operates. We have eliminated most, and stopped consuming anything of the lower density. And now that we have gained mastery of our vibration, now that we are conscious of our energy and how it can effect the world around or be affected by it, we find ourselves being pulled back to all we used to like: music, TV, certain foods, etc
  • We re-connect with our interests, we get inspired by the matrix, we play with the matrix without judgement. Finally feel like going out dancing again? Welcome back, master 🙂 We are back online, stronger than ever.
  • After years of being a shut-in, a hermit, we feel pulled to call our friends and go out with them, we feel the need to be a part of a community again.

Holy changes, right ? We feel more powerful and connected than ever. Finally! Sometimes it might feel confusing, as it feels like we are moving backwards. But my guides assure me that it is not the case, and suggest to enjoy the high and master living from the Soul perspective.

But does it mean that life is now all bliss and no discomfort? Not at all. We still experience negative emotions, but now we shift out of them so quickly, as we do not resist them anymore, but are fully present with ourselves in any moment, grounded in self-love and acceptance of what is. And then the game still feels like a swamp that sucks us back in very very often. But it is now our consciousness that can helps us recognize when we are too much in the game and helps us pull back out into our truth, into living from the Soul perspective.

It has been a life-altering shift for me, and I hope it has for you to. Let’s exchange experiences in the comments. I know you have wild stories to tell too. And if you need help making the shift, join me on the 11th of March on the live Ascension Mastery call, where we will discuss all of this and more, and I will answer your questions live with the help of your guides and higher selves. Register here:

In the mean time, like this blog, share it with your friends and in your online communities, and have a private session with me. I would LOVE to help you shift into your freedom and personal power.

Love, Katya <3

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