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So many of us incarnated on Earth at this time came knowing, that what we came here to do is help others. Whether we are aware of what our soul mission is or not, we all share the same thing – we feel the urgency to help. Even if we do not know how, we feel like we must.

We go about our lives trying to fix people, trying to teach people even when they are not ready, trying to help all who needs help and who doesn’t. We feel we must. And if we don’t, we feel the greatest shame, loss and worthlessness, as we don’t feel worthy of being here or having a life if we are not helping. If we are not actively engaged in making the lives of others better.

What if I told you that it is totally normal, but now we are being asked to step up a notch. Not in helping more, or doing more. But in our understanding of how it is that we help. How we work with the world around us that makes the lives of all better.

We have all been raised with our focus on the external world. We were taught to learn from something outside of ourselves, seek validation from something outside of ourselves, look for meaning of life outside of ourselves, look for joy and peace outside of ourselves. We grew up disconnected from what was going on inside of us, as we were and still so busy are, focusing on what is going on “out there”. Are there people in need “out there”? Is there suffering “out there”?Are people happy around me? As if they are not, a lot of the times, we did not feel safe. Hence we learned to hyper-attune ourselves to all that is around us, and go around fixing it all for everyone, keeping the intention of help, but also protecting ourselves in the first place.

When all along the one who needed help was within. The one whose healing could affect real change was and is within. The one who requires your help is inside of you.

You help the world the most with your own healing, with your own integration. Your inner work is the most important work you could do in this lifetime, as without such no other external progress can ever be made. Your external actions are merely a short extension of your inner energy expansion.

So the next time you have a thought “What else can I do for (fill in the blank)?” or “How else can I help?”, look within for an answer. Pay attention to what inside of yourself needs your attention, and direct your focus and energy there. Become a faithful servant of your own healing. It is the toughest job on this planet, but the most rewarding one. It helps the most.

This is how you are here to help.

This little bit was written with the help of Quan Yin a couple of days ago, and I thought it is an incredibly important reminder for all of us. We all strive to help others, help the planet, forgetting that how we really help, is by facilitating change inside of ourselves first. THAT is how the world heals. One heart at a time.

Happy Saturday! Love, Katya <3

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