SEPTEMBER 2016 ENERGY: Physical Intensity

The energies of September have been off the charts. One of the very distinct differences that we all notice is the intensity and the amount of the physical symptoms we experience.

In today’s post I wanted to talk about just how intense these symptoms can get, what both me and my husband experienced, to help you put your mind at ease about what might be going on with you. Nevertheless, I would like to stress that it is incredibly important to use your own sense of discernment when it comes to your physical vessel – do not make any conclusions about the condition of your physical body solely based upon my or anybody else’s examples. Tune into your body first, and navigate from the point of your inner truth. It will tell you if you actually need medical attention, or if taking it easy and letting the energy do its thing is appropriate and enough.

These September energies started hitting me in the end of August. We were in Mexico at the time, enjoying the end of our 2 week vacation. After a day full of amazing breakthroughs, when I was surprised at myself how integrated I felt my Higher Self to be, and how effortless overcoming the challenges came to me, I had a very interesting night.

My digestive system has pretty much re-started itself. It started with mild diarrhea in the evening. That night I woke up with super intense cramps in my stomach. It felt as if a gorilla was ripping apart my Solar Plexus. As if there was this acid coming in to my Solar Plexus chakra, later spreading downward, that made me cramp so bad. On top of it all, I felt so hungry. It was no ordinary hunger, but that angry hunger, when you feel dizzy and your hands can begin shaking.

My husband went and got me snacks, time and time over, but nothing helped. As soon as I ate, the food came out. As if my stomach did not even try to digest it, but was like “nope, good bye”. I was so confused and in so much pain. No fever, no vomiting. Just food going straight through me, to the point when water was the only thing coming out.

For the next three days I had food aversions to pretty much everything. I could only eat a little bread with water. And cramps persisted. I seriously thought of going to the doctor to get checked out, but my Higher Guidance, along with my friendly pendulum kept repeating “no” over and over. And indeed, I felt like it would end up disappearing as miraculously as it appeared. Which it did.

About a week later the same started happening to my husband. The only difference was, that it was not his Solar Plexus hurting, but his Sacral Chara. And no matter what he ate – did not come out. He had diarrhea multiple times per hour, but all that came out was water. The food disappeared. Literally. We even made a joke of it and called his behind element a Houdini 🙂 As we have not seen such magic tricks before. Not only that, it lasted for 7 days.

After 6th day he was so emaciated, dehydrated, and in so much pain, in the middle of the night we took him to the ER. When the nurse heard that he was in this condition for 6 days, he said his lab work will look awful, so he will stay there for a while and get 4-5 bags of IV. They drew blood, stuck him with an IV that did help a ton. A couple of hours later, they came back to announce that miraculously his blood work results looked perfect. Since he did not have a fever, and the blood test results were immaculate, they were so confused, that they took him to CT scan. Scanned his insides, everything looked perfect as well.

That doctor was in so much fear when he walked in to tell us they had no idea what was wrong with him. He prescribed him Imodium and some heavy pain relievers. That was the end of the story. We kind of anticipated that answer, but that left my husband with same symptoms, still in pain, to just surrender to whatever this energy was doing to his body.

The next day the symptoms slowly diminished, and the next day almost disappeared.

After that I have experienced so many different symptoms, and they are all so all over the place. Even hour by hour they can be different. To this day. I have had Ascension flu, scratchy dry throat, this sensation that someone is drilling the top of my head, tingly feet – not just feet now though. It feels more like a waterfall of electrical current running up my legs – from my feet to my knees. Sore spine, headaches, energy moving inside the body, cold and hot spots all over body, cold and hot sweats, sudden fatigue. I might not even remember all of them now.

The point is, we are undergoing A LOT of physical changes, they are intense, they are unstoppable, and the more we can slow down and tune into our bodies to help them, the better. Sometimes our bodies will ask for more rest, sometimes for specific foods, other times for nature, or specifically water. Follow that what your body is asking of you, and it can help you alleviate the intensity, and help you flow thorough this process smoother.

The reason we are all going through this is this. As we know, in the end of August we collectively chose an accelerated timeline, which we can feel now manifesting itself in our lives. A lot of us are being re-directed to faster, shorter paths, we are being upped in frequency much faster, and that is showing itself in the number and intensity of physical symptoms that show up. We are being upgraded very fast, so that we can reach the needed energy level for our movement forward. I see a lot of people are being tuned in to completely new type of energy. This manifests physically, when you wake up and see the world through a different lens all of a sudden, or feel like you have woken up in another life. They are being drawn to new teachers, completely different information, that never interested them before. Diets are changing rapidly, lifestyles too.

All that is a result of accelerating into our paths, our missions.

I hope this post has been helpful to you, especially if you find yourself in the midst of physical intensity at the moment. Remember to use discernment, and I wish you a smooth September ride.

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Love, Katya <3


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