SEPTEMBER 2016 ENERGY UPDATE: Detachment From Comfort, Illusions, Missions, Dreams


In every intuitive session I conducted ever since September 1st the theme has been the same. Lightworkers have been coming to me tired, exhausted, in disbelief of what is going on energetically. And, as energy would often have it, it also mirrored my recent state of being as well. After months and months of inner work, purging and clearing, we find ourselves without any forward movement, seemingly stuck in a bunch of discomfort, with thousands of triggers coming at us one after another. If before we used to get a month or two of a break in this havoc, now we get about an hour or two. A lot of us feel angry and frustrated: according to what we saw energetically in August, we think we should have been so much further along now, we should have moved so much further into our true purpose, we should be more stable emotionally by now. So why does life still trigger us so badly, why all those fears are coming back up that we thought we cleared long time ago, why our life is so far away from what we thought it would be now?

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The theme of September has been detachment. We are being called to detach from our visions, dreams, from our idea of how life should be or how it should flow, how it should feel. We are being called to detach from our missions, from how we imagine they would feel and how we imagine we would land in them. And how it is all happening, is that we are being confronted with all that which we judge as bad, uncomfortable, unwanted. All that makes us throw a fit and say “well, if life is like this, I don’t want it”.

I have been given the same vision in sessions over and over again, of how the energies of our Higher Selves are integrating into our lives now. It is a vision of a super sharp machete slicing through the plants in the jungle, and the vision of the hot knife slicing through butter. They are going in intense, deliberate, precise, and there is no stopping this energy. We are living the accelerated timeline, and it can be felt with every cell of our body.

When we are being faced with situations and circumstances that we thought should not be there, that we dislike, that we resent and protest deep inside, here is the insight that has been coming in from beyond the veil:

What makes you believe that your life is supposed to be different from what it is at the moment? What makes you believe that your life is supposed to be comfortable, that you are supposed to be happy?

You have to be able to let your life THROUGH you without judging it. But just let it through. Attachments are merely what your lower self has decided it wants, just because it is terrified of the opposite. Attachments are based upon fear, and that is what you are being faced with in these intense energies of September. You are being faced with precisely what that is you do not desire, what you do not like your life to be and feel like, what is the opposite of your idea of comfort and desired living. And you are being asked to release all of those attachments to all those ideas you have built up in your head of how your life should look like or feel like or flow like, that your life is supposed to be comfortable, that you are supposed to like and approve of your life. Not that it will not be all of those things, but you have to be able to accept your life as is, as its flowing, in its perfection without the resentment and the need to judge it and change it.

That is the basic step before any manifestation of how you choose to life your life can be accomplished. As when you are creating or manifesting from the point of attachment, you are manifesting from fear. Hence bringing yourself more experiences you fear and dislike. Only after those are released, one can manifest from the freedom of alignment with his True Self.

We know its a hard process, but its when you stop fighting the hardness, when you stop expecting it to be better, or feel better, or have different circumstances, and just give up to your life as is, it’s when it starts getting easier and faster.

A lot of people now are struggling with the feeling of being stuck, not moving anywhere, and after trying and trying to change it without any results, they feel a lot discouraged about the whole process. Here is what your our Higher Guidance is saying to that:

Your focus on the lack of progress or the lack of movement is keeping you in the stale energy of non-movement, because, if allowed, any moment is movement of energy. But that is only when you surrender to the flow of your life, even the most boring of moments, when nothing is happening in your physical lives, it is filled with life and magic and awe. But you are too focused on the lack of movement to see the magic of the moment the magic of earth that is around you.

Together with the lack of movement, so many are struggling with the idea that they are not where they felt they should be in their mission or purpose. They feel that they are being redirected or asked to start from ground zero A.G.A.I.N. What my Higher Guidance is showing me in this regard, is that yes, a lot of us are being re-directed to a new path, but only because it is a shorter road to the goal. if in the previous timeline we felt we were steady on the path towards fulfillment, we indeed were, but that path would have taken us years longer to get to the same place, as we are being taken to now, but from a different point. a point, that is actually closer to your fulfillment.

With that said, they are still making it a big point to detach from any expectations or visions, and the whole mission all together. We are being called to look at our incarnation and the expression of soul from a much higher perspective than what we came here to do as a Starseed or Lightworker. Here is what they say:

We realize how much you are driven by self-fulfillment. But your existence on Earth in this incarnation is NOT just about your purpose. It is still about feeling and expanding the range of the feelings experienced. It is about going deeper and deeper into each feeling, experiencing more, from different perspectives of your growth and evolution.

What if your purpose was taken away from you, but you still had to remain in the body for the duration of your lifetime. What would you do? Would you choose to remain miserable in the focus of lack of expression (how your lower self perceives it)? Or would you find ways to enjoy life in body on the physical planet and experience your soul in body from a different angle?

Would you try all there is to try? Swimming with fish deep in the sea? Flying with parachute high in the sky? Seeing all kinds of sceneries, plants, animals this Earth has ? Would you try to converse with all kinds of people, getting to know them, their stories, their wisdoms? Would you seek to feel the cold and the warm, the windy and the calm, the wet and the dry, the dull and the colorful?

Or would you mourn the one aspect of getting to know yourself as a soul in this body, that was taken away from you?

In the scenario of seeking to see and experience all this beautiful Earth and humanity upon it has to offer, one is constantly expanding in knowing thyself in different contexts, in different experiences. One is focused on the never-ending abundance of beautiful experiences that Earth offers, thus remaining in a never-ending movement, pumping the Source energy through the body.

When one is focused upon the lack of movement, one is blocking himself from that very movement.

Detach from your “mission” or what you perceive your mission to be. We know how hard and weird it may sound, but detachment is one of the main lessons to learn before fully stepping into embodiment of your True Self and your Starseed mission on this planet. Release any expectations that it is supposed to feel wonderful, or liberating, or that it is supposed to bring you this feeling of wholeness, that you are being robbed off now while you are clearing and learning. It is one of the last lessons and one of the hardest.

Hard stuff, but it all makes so much sense. And when applied, indeed yields amazing feeling of freedom. Finally not fighting what is in front of you, even if your ind labels it as undesired, unwanted, uncomfortable. It saves much energy, and it gives space for the next phase to come. Which is movement.

Here are some practical tips on how to navigate these intense energies of September, and how to detach from your illusions, ideas of how life should be, how to accept the life that you have NOW:

  1. Accept the stillness. Let it consume you will all the feelings and emotions that that might bring. Sit with those emotions. Wat are they? Allow them to be present and show you what each of them has to say and to show you.
  2. Let the physical sensations associated with these emotions consume your body. This I found to be one of the simplest ways to detach from the upstairs chatter and allow the emotion to be present and speak.
  3. A lot of people find they experience much resentments and anger associated with not being where they think they should be, with teh discomforts of the present unwanted circumstances. Let that anger be. It is completely natural.
  4. Write a WTF letter to God. Write it all out. How you feel, how you think you should feel. How you want to feel instead. How you feel that you are being robbed of the life you should have by now. Write it all out. Writing is a beautiful form of release and gaining clarity.
  5. Every morning have an intention to surrender to the energies that the day has to offer. Cultivate the feeling of surrender to your life as is, to the divine plan. Even if you do not understand it and resent it at times. How to do so? You know those moments when you are trying and trying to accomplish something, and it’s just not working out, no matter what angle you are coming at it from. And then at one point you say “you know what? I give up. I can try no more.” That is the feeling I want you to cultivate. The feeling of letting go of the reigns and giving the power away to God, Universe, life. If you need to, imagine one of those scenarios every morning to get yourself to the feeling of surrender.
  6. Use affirmations. I always advice my clients to write their own affirmations based upon how they feel in their body, but if I had to give a general suggestion, something like “I am acceptance. I am flow. I am divine order. I am surrender.” will work.

I hope this has been helpful. <3  The times we are in are energetically all over the place. And we are about to experience the release of the full moon coupled with Mercury Retrograde. That is why I have offered 9 sessions for $99 instead of regular price of $250. There are still  couple left, so claim your discounted session while the offer lasts here:

Love, Katya <3

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