SEPTEMBER 2016 ENERGY: The Reason Behind Accelerated Ascension Symptoms

Greetings, tribe. The other day I wrote a post about my family’s experience with September’s intense Ascension symptoms. And today I want to expand on one specific part of it.

Why is it so damn intense?

The reason is redirection and intense acceleration.

In the end of August we, as a collective, chose the accelerated timeline. What that means, is that we collectively looked at our experience and decided that we are ready for more and at a faster rate: we are ready to process deeper issues, we are ready to be faced with those issues more often and at a higher rate of intensity. This was reflected in our choices here on a physical plane. (At any given moment did we choose to honor our alignment or did we move away from it and back into smallness and denial of self? You know it. We moved towards our truth 🙂 Again and again.)


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As a result of us all jumping into this accelerated timeline here is what happened. Some of us were propelled forward very quickly. We felt super fast forward motion, doors opened for us that we thought we could not achieve for another 5-6 years. And another group was re-directed to take another course of action. While this looked like a havoc, endings and re-starts from ground zero, what my Higher Guidance has shown me, is that this new path is actually way easier and way faster, and leads to the same destination. We are being called to approach our mission from another angle, from a position, that will take us to this destination faster. Destination being the fulfillment of our Starseed Mission.

Both groups are now going through intense physical and energetic upgrades. This is needed in order to match the level of energy you need to embody at this accelerated point in your Soul’s Evolution. Whether you are being propelled forward or redirected, here is what’s going on.

  1. Energy of your being and around you is changing. This is coming up for so so many people now. Not only is the energy of your Higher Self coming in at a faster rate, but also you are being shifted into another energy field. That is the best way I can possibly describe it. Here is how they show it to me. They show me a person being in this cloud of energy (their current energy in which they reside, grow and evolve). This person used to go up and up in frequency in that cloud of energy. The frequency was rising, but the quality of this energy remained the same. Now another cloud of energy has appeared on the side of this person. And they are being called to step out of the old energy into this new cloud of energy. This new energy feels way more powerful, way more “masterful”, it implies super fast manifestation. In this cloud your thoughts are almost instantly tangible. Powerful cloud 🙂 I know what you guys are thinking now, and I personally do not think this is 5D quite yet. But what I do believe, is that it is another super powerful vibratory field, which we could have achieved in the previous timeline by going up and up in frequency, eventually over time. Yet due to the timeline shift we are being invited into this new cloud now. And how this manifests on the physical plane is this: diets are rapidly changing. If before we took months to go from not eating red meet, to slowly not eating dairy, to being vegan. Now it is a matter of days, and for some people moments. So many people are going on raw foods all of a sudden, or fruit alone. They almost overnight can not tolerate their previous diet, and have to make changes here and now. It also manifests as people starting to find new teachers all of a sudden, new perspectives of seeing the world. New interests appear. Some people may judge this transition to something new, or this new way to evolve and grow at first, but after giving in to it, they see how much power and mastery it brings to them. So if you are one of these people who suddenly woke up hungry for new perspectives, or new way of looking at the same thing, or interested in something you might have judged before, give in to your heart and explore. You are being directed to the fastest lane to your Embodiment available.
  2. Physical upgrades are off the charts. Especially for people who are being re-directed into new or advanced avenues of work. I am a part of this group, and here is what is going on with me. After some lower chakra cleansing and reboot, they have moved the work to my throat chakra. The reason is that I am being re-directed to go right in the eye of my purpose of working with children and educating their parents, as well as re-building the education system as we know it. And for that I need to communicate a lot. For this new information coming through me in new ways, they need to tune-up my throat chakra. So I have been feeling all sorts of scratchy throat for days now. Funny enough, other than sounding like I’m speaking from a dungeon, I feel amazing. The energy levels are off the charts, I produce so much content, I am super productive, I do not feel sick at all. But the symptoms are here. And they are intense. And I know that they will be over only when they will be done “upgrading” my energy and my vessel in communication department 🙂 Here is also how I know it. The last time that happened (I got the Ascension flu with intense throat work) was a month or two before I started conducting my intuitive sessions. Back then I had no idea I would open a YouTube channel or be talking about any Ascension or conscious parenting-related stuff. Let alone, help people with my psychic abilities. Yet they kept saying “you are about to speak a lot, so you need this work done”.

And this is going on with So. Many. People. So many are being ushered into these new paths to take them to their mission core.

So many people are accepting energy that was projected to get to this rate in a couple of years. But we are ready to receive it. We are ready to integrate it. We ARE doing it. We are all making a massive leap into expansion, growth, spiritual and physical development.

From what seems like a mess, we are being propelled forward to the heights we could not even imagine was possible for us to achieve in August. So do not be surprised if after this wave of Ascension symptoms you will be called to do things way outside of your comfort zone. Write that book. Open that school. Re-write those laws. Create those new structures.

All that has been residing in your dreams is becoming your reality, as you are laying in bed unable to move for a while.

So surrender and trust that your Guides together with your Higher Self are leading you to the places where you will thrive, internally and externally. It just takes a bit of work.

And I wish you a smooth forward-moving September.

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Love, Katya <3


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