The Secret To Ending Isolation And Starseed Loneliness

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Hi, dear friends <3

How many times throughout this ascension process / spiritual awakening have you thought to yourself: “I feel so alone in this. I feel so isolated. I feel like the world goes on, and I am here all alone, on this tiny island, closed off with my endless purging and cleansing. I wish I could have someone to talk to about this. Someone who would understand what I am going through. Someone who would understand the way I see and feel the world. I wish I wasn’t so alone through this. “

So many of you guys are coming to me in sessions feeling like this, and I have felt my fair share of this isolation too. Here is my story:

It was year 2012 when my ascension just started. And the most bizarre things started happening to me: weird nightmares, waking up every night at 3:33, 4:44, the craziest vertigo, I was always dizzy ( like 24/7 feeling that I just got off of a roller-coaster) , I felt this electricity move through my body, I was not sure if I was having a heart attack, or a stroke, I felt this constant doom and fear, I had panic attacks ( never experienced them before ). It was all so very scary and confusing. My husband was my boyfriend at the time, we were both still in college, opening and growing our businesses. I told him to some extent what was going on with me, he took me to ER once with my constant dizziness ( to only see the doctor raise his shoulders in confusion and say I was all healthy). So the only thing he could say was “I don’t know, baby”, and just be there with me.

A year later we started working with Dolores Cannon, and that is when my awakening took on a much more conscious feel. I started meeting people who talked about visions, and all these body sensations they were experiencing, and how they felt the world deeper than others. And I started understanding that I was not crazy, and what was going on with me had a name, and a lot of people were going trough this. I frantically researched, I looked up everything Indigo related, finally making sense of my childhood and my experiences. Me and my husband started talking more about it, but still not to the extent I would prefer to feel like I was not alone. I still was. He was not going through the same thing as me. Yes, he did experience some ascension symptoms, but I fast figured out that his journey of awakening was much different than mine. I was still alone. And later, when my husband lost his business as a result of Dolores’ death and her company cancelling their agreement, he was definitely not in any disposition to talk about anything metaphysical. A lot of the times I was literally scared to talk to him about what I was going through, as I never knew what reaction it might trigger.

I went on through this journey all alone, meditating and journaling about my experiences ( which helped A TON), bust still having nobody to talk to. Until mid 2015. That is when I got a random nudge to book a session with Andrew Martin. I just felt like we have known each other for a very long time, and it was so comforting to talk to him, although I felt like I did not need any guidance back then. Talking to him felt like home, like I finally belonged.

Little did I know, in a couple of months my Dark Night Of The Soul started, and I talked to Andrew every month, sometimes twice a month. He was so so so much help through this crazy period of time. Back then I was still journaling a ton, I already knew I was writing a book, but I was not public about any of this yet. Until in April 2016 I heard “offer private sessions” in meditation, and me and Andrew figured out that the sessions I am doing now is what my Higher Self meant.

It was absolutely terrifying to step out as this psychic I did not even know I was, to write and speak about my experiences. But the pull of my soul was stronger than the fear. The pull towards authentic self-expression and fulfillment of my energy. Oh, it was so undeniable. So I did it, and it was the ultimate bridge towards my internal freedom AND so many beautiful connections. I was still going through the purging and cleansing and a ton of never-ending inner work, but the fact that I allowed my authentic self to shine through has brought so many people who are on the same frequency, on the same page, of the same vibe to me. I could have never asked for more genuine open-hearted friends <3

The message I am about to share with you in a video has been coming through as a channeled guidance for months and for so many clients. It is the one simple step to ending that feeling of isolation, loneliness that we all experience throughout our lives and through this process of transformation. It can connect you with so many beautiful people not only online but in your physical life NOW. It might not be that easy to implement, but from my personal experience I know how much it’s worth it. Not only did it connect me to the most amazing people all around the globe, but I have seen people around me magically transform. Wow. I hope it serves you and liberates you as it continues to help me throughout my journey.



What do you think about this? What has been your experience with isolation and loneliness ? Let me know in the comments! Also like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and have a private session with me. I would LOVE to help you life a rich beautiful life of freedom, meaning and authentic connections.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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