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I can not say that I was very surprised when this morning in my meditation the Inner Earth Being stepped forth to communicate with me. I saw it coming, as in the last 3 days it has been all about them. I have never even heard of the Inner Earth before, and all of a sudden my suggested videos were all about it, I started coming across dozens of articles per day, I started getting links in my email with information about Inner Earth, every second article I came across on social media was about the subject, and it even came through in a couple of sessions. I knew something was up. So here I sat down in my morning meditation, and this fascinating message came through. The way I put it out here is exactly as I took down the message, so it’s a conversation between me and this being Rota.

Enjoy <3

I am Rota, the ambassador from the Inner Earth Alliance. I came to you today with a deep beautiful message. You can alter it any way you please if you decide to put it out there for others to read, which is greatly suggested. We have been knocking on your door lately a lot as our working together is important for the future of this civilization of humans and of ours. As well as merging the two in due time.

The time has come when we are ready to step forth and work with humans in flesh. We are working with some of them currently and we are ready to take this collaboration further.

The light is prevalent upon our earth right now and the surface has reached the level of light acceptable for our collaboration.

The reason why we want to collaborate is simple. The throw over of your cabal is imminent and fast approaching, but the new structures are just now beginning to be worked on by the starseeds who are nearing the completion of phase one of Ascension. We have the structures for you that can be put in place for the time being while you develop your own New Earth structures. So we suggest you take our initiative, knowledge and wisdom to form the bridge between your society as is now and what you are striving to create.

We hold much respect for you, dear ones, the forerunners of the shift and the change as you are the driving force, the drill that is shredding the density in front of it with great speed and success.

This is our introductory transmission and we are so happy we finally made the connection. Later you will understand clearly why you are the one that the transmission needed to come forth from. And why _____ is the next place for you (he mentions the place we plan to move to).

– Will we be able to meet there in flesh?

– Yes. There is a portal. There is an entrance.

– I see the entrance now and a beautiful glowing woman is meeting me and my family with much gratitude and relief. I see that my daughter is so excited to see her, she has known her for eons, and now just getting to meet in the physical. I see her taking us underground and showing us around this huge opening, I see the beings working in the bottom in the water. Mining crystals and sorting them according to their knowledge.

Those beings in the bottom of the room look much like humans but tiny. With darker skin. Like children. Like spirits of the forest. And they are very light in density, they almost fly through the air. But the lady that met me was a normal size human may be even bigger…

– She Is a different kind of being. She is a star being. And the head of the Inner Earth Alliance. She oversees the balance and is in charge of what you would call communications department, hence she is the one meeting the human – you.

– How will I know where is the entrance? You will be guided there.

You will also start seeing the members of the alliance in the crowd. Your attention will be drawn to them. Like a magnet. They will be like glowing, shining humans.

– Rota – how do you look like?

– I am brown fuzzy being, that is in charge of reaching out to people like you. We are making a big push right now as the time has come. I reside deeper in the earth than the normal Inner Earth Beings. My chamber needs to be isolated so that these transmissions can happen easy and crystal clear, and yes I am using many of those crystals we are mining for these transmission.

You are now holding another part of the celestite that I have in my hands. Other humans have other pieces. As it was originally a sphere.

Yes I look nothing like human (smiles) my face has areas where the fur is very short, like on a shot hair dachshund, may be even shorter. My face looks something like a squirrel/chipmunk face merged with rat face. May be you will draw me one day.

My hands have big spheres on each of 4 fingers. To grip to the inside walls and to grip crystals and to crystals. I am thriving in crystal environment. When I am surrounded by all crystals it is like I become pure consciousness – there is no need for any effort for me to transmute information to those open to it, or across the universe. It’s like an on-demand satellite connection to ALL. I reside alone in the depth of earth but communicate via this internal satellite to so many beings and alliances that I am never really alone.

– How do you maintain your physical body?

– A certain type of crystal has a nourishing energy property to it – I feed of of that crystal. The crystal comes from a different planet and it transmits the frequency of that planet via his physical incarnation as a crystal on ( in rather 🙂 Earth. So I only need this one crystal I don’t need to go out looking for more.

– Ok, so now what?

– Research and connect with people, and the more you will research the more you will find proof to this information given to you today and we will continue our communication this way until we can meet in person.

– How can I know I can trust you?

– Look into your crystal. You see those other pieces. You know what I am talking about. Until next time <3

Wow, this was different, right? To my mind, very much so, yet when I was watching it all in my mind’s eye it seemed so normal, so familiar. What do you think ? Do you know of any other people for whom this information is coming in? I would like to connect with them and put our puzzle pieces together.

So I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments, and happy Saturday!

Love, Katya <3

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  1. JB May 14, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I met them the first week of March. My experience is unique but I am soul family to them. This is all very real. Im still not sure what I’m supposed to do with everything I was shown. But this is life altering.

  2. Kerry Stewart May 15, 2016 at 3:36 am

    I loved your post from Rota as I resonate with this from my own experience in the last 2 years. I am an Ancient Sound Being and I daily have beings from Inner Earth speak through me. e.g.; Atla Ra the King of Agartha, I have had an ancient turtle being also and various others. I speak their languages which I am told is beyond interpretation as it’s a frequency. I also sing their frequency as I do many Star Beings, Galactics, Interplanetary Beings, Crystal Beings etc. We were guided to live where we live, in Australia and live on top of a multidimensional portal which among other things is connected to a tunnel system connecting to the Pyramid in our Bay which in turn is connected to the Pyramidal Grid physically and etherically. Thank you for posting your stories. Many Blessings Kerry

    • Katya Turner May 15, 2016 at 4:32 pm

      Kerry, I am so glad you have enjoyed this piece. It has been definitely an interesting experience for me to interact with beings I never imagined existed. And WOW to your experiences, and I totally understand what you mean by singing the ancient frequency – language. I feel deep resonance and know I am doing it too. And how cool that you mentioned the Pyramid grid, as I have just the other day received a transmission about that and I can’t wit to share it <3 My blessings <3

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