Relationship Mastery: Divine Partnerships, Sacred Union, And How To Achieve It

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Hi guys!

Hope everyone is well in these intense energies and you are managing to find you way into the good side of intensity and be in infinite love with yourself. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know, that ever since about a mont ago I got a nudge to start working with relationships – guide people towards mastery of the Divine Partnership. As before, I had no clue what these sessions might bring, but I was very excited and intrigued to try. A couple of days ago I tried my first session with one couple, and it was beautiful and mind-blowing for the clients and for me.

Before the session, as usual, I sat down to meditate and received a very powerful and informative pre-load that I will share with you in this post. It made so much sense to me as I have been consciously working with my divine partnerships for a while now and playing with the principles I have been learning.

So, to begin, let’s define a divine partnership.

Divine Partnership / Divine Union / Sacred Union – is a relationship between two people who have experienced union with themselves = with Source (All That Is) = who are both whole within themselves.

Divine partnership does not have to be your romantic relationship. It can be your relationship with your children, with your parents, your co-workers, your partners. Anybody who you can have any relations with may come into a Divine Partnership with you through helping the current relationship ascend. And you can do so by knowing and utilizing principles of the Divine Union.

Hare are a few main principles of the Divine Union ( that I have  synthesized though my own experience and channeling Higher Consciousness )

  1. The Mirror. All relationships in your life serve as a mirror of your current state of your own internal union (how in touch / integrated you are with your own Highest of Selves). Therefore, when you are having a problem with someone, you are really having a problem with the aspect of self that you have not learned how to accept and love. When you feel like you are lacking something in your relationships, it is a sure sign that you are not giving that thing to yourself. If you feel that you can not connect on a deep soul level, you are not exposing your soul yourself.
  2. Can’t get out even if you wanted to.  Here we will talk mostly about romantic relationships, although I see these feelings surface in other kinds of relationships too. When a soul union is in your contract, you might feel like its harder to stay in a relationship, than to break up. But at the same time you can not break up even if you wanted to. When 90% of your being is tired of constant “work” and desperately wants out, there is always that 10% that knows you have to stay and keep working. It knows that when the union is achieved, a new level of relationship is waiting for it. It is that feeling, that blueprint we were born with, of how relationships will feel like. And nothing can put out that knowing.
  3. Same people, different faces. This one is a little challenging even for me to fully grasp, yet I can feel the undeniable knowing of this. Soul union can be achieved in any relationship. If you were to end a relationship, another one will come that will bring the same “work” ( it will reflect your own internal misalignments with your Soul back to you). Same contents, but in a different package. So when I ask the Guides, what if a couple breaks up, they show me that they will find the same person, but “dressed” differently. They say “you are dating all the same people, they just look different”. Same people, same issues. And when we really look at it, we are really in relationships with ourselves this whole time.

And why is this all so?

Because we all have the same heart. The reason we can feel deeply into each other, is because the heart is all one – it is Source. It is in each of us, and we each call it “my heart”.

But in reality it is the same universal field of unity. We are all one through our one heart. So to experience union with oneself is to experience union with all, and visa versa.

And when I sat down to channel for my relationship client, here is what I received:

In order for you to walk together, the hearts must unite in each.

Together as sovereign beings, in mastery of oneself and relating to that perceived outside of you.

Your job is to bask yourself in love as much as you can fathom.

And all that you can not fathom – do research and find more option.

What can you do for you to feel in love with yourself?

What can you do for you to feel like your life is juicy, sweet, like a nectar?

By being in love with yourself you are putting all that is perceived outside of you in love with you as well.

But more importantly, by being and acting in love with yourself, you are filling yourself up with more YOU, with more SOURCE. You start acting as Source through the body.

Nothing “outside of you” matters until the inside job is done. And when it is done, there will not be any “outside” job left.

The reason we keep putting quotations around the word outside, is because it is an illusion you are participating in. But becoming aware of it gives you awareness of the fact that any relationship you are having is with another part of you that you have not yet claimed and loved.

All that you are in contact with is another part of you, of the whole.

By learning to keep your focus on your internal world and by using your feelings of your own interaction to self as a compass, by learning to be in love with yourself, you open your path to mastering the Divine Union.

The union with Self.

( reflected in “another” )

How rich and packed this message is? The feeling of union we are all seeking in relationships is actually the union with Self. We are longing for our world and people in it to reflect our union with Self. So in order for us to walk together, our hearts must unite in each of us first. Thus, no true union will be felt until both are united with themselves inside of themselves.

So the key to fulfilling juicy relationships is a fulfilled SELF. When you thrive, your relationships will thrive too. Making the art of self-care and self-love the golden key to experiencing soul-wrenching deep connection to another person.

How do you like this? Does it make sense? I have been playing around with watching my mirrors (my husband and children for the most part) and making adjustments accordingly for some time now, and I have been amazed at results. As soon as I start treating myself differently, so miraculously do my husband and children. The more connected I am to myself, the deeper connection I feel with them. The more I allow to show my vulnerability, the more I feel how open and caring they are. With this post I want to invite you to try it out as well, and then come back and chat in the comments all about how it worked out for you and what magic you saw happen in your relationships.

And if you feel like you need more help finding these patterns in your relationships and healing them, I would LOVE to hep you 1-on-1. I have started a separate service that I call Relationship Mastery Sessions, where I work with partners separately, and help each of them reach the Sacred Union within and in the relationship. It works just like my intuitive sessions with a lot of channeling from your Guides and the Higher Self, but also involves me tuning into your partner and the dynamic between you two. You do NOT have to both participate in the sessions, but you DO have to do it separately. And it does not have to be only a romantic relationship: it can be a relationship with your children, parents, difficult relationships in business or work. You name it. I also started them at a really low price. Hope to talk to you there,

Love, Katya

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