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Amazing feedback I receive from you guys about the intuitive sessions:



I felt very easy after our conversation. You helped me to hear myself at this stage. You have a very positive energy. Thank you so much Katya for your help:)


Great Reading

I was referred by my sister to request a session with Katya. She answered all of my questions/concerns with great information and sincerity. I will definitely be booking with her again in the future.

-Anna K.

Amazing!!!!❤️ Best of the best!!!

I’ve been flying from happiness!!! I recommend her for everyone!!! Thank u! Ребята, это комически!!! Никогда я не получала столько позитивных эмоций от общения с человеком!!! Потому что Катя- волшебная! Всем настоятельно рекомендую!!! Вы не пожалеете! Всем добра!❤️



Kayta has such beautiful energy that I felt throughout the entire session! Her intuition is amazing, she saw very clearly everything that has been occurring in my life and spiritual journey and had immediate advice on to how to move forward. She is blessed with many gifts and I highly recommend her ❤️

-Kelly Roth

Channeled Intuitive Reading By Katya

I have high praise for Katya, her channeled reading was precise, clear and straight to the point. The information that came for me was exactly what I needed. I have been given the knowledge that I have been searching for, for a long time now. I finally feel that my role here has been clarified, with great love and respect. Thank you Katya for your gift of time and presence, and for the sharing of resources to help me further. One day I hope to meet you in person and give you the biggest hug!

-Jane Smith

Intuitive Reading was Exceptional!

Katya is incredibly insightful and genuine. You can immediately tell she loves helping people. It is a blessing to have someone share her gift the way that she does. I received much needed validation and clarity during my session. She also shared several helpful resources with me after my session to continue aiding me in my journey to self love and reflection. Katya is easy to talk to and can relate to how you are feeling and the challenges you are facing. Plain and simple… she is AWESOME!

-Rachel H.

A Great Experience

Katya is wonderful. She really helped me to understand a lot about myself. It was very enlightening, and has given me insight in how to deal with all the things that are going on on my life right now. I would highly recommend a session with her…it was an awesome experience for me.

-Linda Hellman


Katya was awesome! She confirmed many things I have been thinking of. I especially liked the vibration and feeling I was left with after the reading. Thank you Katya.


She blew me away!!

She confirmed everything I have been my intuition has been trying to tell me. It felt amazing and uplifting. Her energy is awesome! She really is gifted. I am so glad I spoke with her.


Awesome connect!

Great! Wonderfull information! Now I know who I am, where I came from and what to do on this planet! Felt a really high vibration while talking to Kate. A big big THANKS, my space sister! And good luck on your mission!)

-Sergey Shmakov

Great Session

Katya was able to sense much that resonated with me. She really gave me reassurance and helped me better understand and accept the path I am on. Great session it was.


My session with Katya

I highly recommend Katya. I was very impressed with her abilities. She prepared ahead of time, and continued to receive information from the spirit realm throughout the whole session. Katya is a very warm and engaging person who really cares about her clients. She’s obviously doing this for all of the right reasons. I will definitely be doing more sessions with her. I’m very happy with her work.


My session today with Katya

Katya is wonderful. I’ve done many sessions over the years with others, and I can testify to her ability to offer astute and loving guidance. She prepares adead of time, but also receives devine guidance while doing the session and is very informative. I highly recommend Katya. What a warm and loving soul she is. I will be talking with her again for sure.



If I can sum up my talk from Katya it would be two words: “purely magical”. She is a vibrant and up-lifting soul whose positive words and advice, on my specific life situation and where I am at..from my many life choices and dealings/lessons, resonate with my heart deeply. her encouraging words help to bring me hope and courage to move forward into my new life I am starting in another state. Thank you katya!!!

-Christine Cooley

Thank You Katya for an awesome session

I never met Katya before my session. Even before we connected Katya had been receiving information from my HS. She began sharing the information with me and I knew she was connected. She was able to answer any questions I had. She shared a past life and connected me with my Mom’s HS. Katya is genuine, heart-centered, a truly loving soul who has the gift of tuning into your energy & revealing aspects of your Self that can be life-changing if you choose to follow the guidance she shares.

-Pam M.

Fabulous connection to Higher Self

I recently had a session with Katya. I did not give her any specific questions so I was quite happy to find out that the connection she made with my HS was directed to confirm many of the same information that I had already been told. Love the way the HS works. She very clearly explained what she saw and why she saw it. When I asked Katya about other things that were on my mind she promptly received the answer and explained it in a way I could understand. Thank you so much Katya.

-Sandy Neville

Channeling session

Katya was great! She seemed a fairly clear channel who brought through a good deal of accurate info, and answered all my questions. I look forward to seeing how much of the future info is on target. Thank you!

-Andrew Miller

The Real Deal: Gifted Intuitive & Amazing Communicator

Katya Nailed it! From knowing the skills I’d been introduced to at the workshop I had just finished to my strengths, aspirations & latent abilities. She had positive, accurate guidance and delivered a wonderful guided meditation. She has earned my trust and appreciation. If you require guidance or confirmation to the insights that you can’t access on your own, Katya Turner IS your best liaison, advisor, channel, confidant and direct line to your Higher-self, Guides, Guardians and Better Angels!

-David Finestone


Katya was very aware, attentive, and accurate. She is also very intuitive. She has the gift. I will most definitely give her another call.

-Robert Garza

Psychic Reading

Recently I had a reading done by Katya. I was thrilled with the messages. She accurately touched on past lives and the path of my spiritual journey. Renewing faith in myself and strengthened my resolve in the comprehension of my reality. I highly recommend her services.

-Author: KT Kelly


Few days before my reading with Katya, I wrote in my journal few details of my future inspirations. I was very happy when she brought these same topics out, she was very accurate. I know my guides, my higher self, had spoken through her talent. The message was heard loud and clear.

-Revi B.

Bang on

Katya was very accurate with her information about my career, job…(hmmmm…nothing on love life though…oh, Katya! Need another session!) She had a very upbeat, pleasantly animated manner and was both reassuring and directive; most things are just as they should be and there are things of which I am now aware to clear out. I referred a friend to her and recommend her.

-Whitney P.


Katya was spot on. Her interpretations resonated with me on such a profound level. I look forward to more readings. She is an amazing soul and kindred spirit. Beyond grateful! <3

-Breann C.