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I am thrilled to be able to help you find your purpose, bust through the blocks and fears that are holding you back, and help you live a rich life of freedom, authenticity and joyous self-expression!


April 29th, 2017 | 11AM – 1PM Central

Purpose Calls Synchronization Group

Limited to 50 attendees


Purpose Calls Synchronization Group: How To Find And Live Your Life Purpose

April 29th, 2017 11AM-1PM Central

Whether you find yourself completely clueless on what your life purpose is, feeling apathetic and depressed, unable to find any inspiration, or you have an idea of what your message and passion might be, but feel stuck, fearful, doubtful about sharing it. Or if you are well in your purpose, but are being re-directed, feel like it is no longer working, trying to work out technical aspects or growing and expanding rapidly. You will LOVE this call.

Before the call I will tune in to the collective field of the group in front of me and channel / compile a set of tools specifically for the given group. Just like I do in my private intuitive sessions. I will give you channeled material specifically for you, along with A TON of practical advice on how to proceed with joy and ease.

Topics that will be covered are any of the following:

  • practical tips on how to find your purpose
  • why you might be feeling useless
  • why all the discomfort around self-expression
  • I am afraid to look like a fool
  • what if my family doesn’t support me and my vision
  • what will others think
  • what if people will abandon me if I am myself?
  • negative feedback
  • lack of feedback
  • afraid to be exposed
  • afraid of my power
  • afraid of failure
  • afraid of success
  • my ideas are too big / wild
  • I don’t have a clear vision / plan
  • people / circumstances are holding me back
  • how to pick a vessel
  • ascension symptoms
  • dark night of the soul
  • being re-directed
  • when nothing is happening
  • resistance to learning
  • learning to fail
  • money and how much to charge
  • competition
  • self-love
  • serve yourself first
  • energy vs strategy
  • how to stay inspired / motivated

Then I will answer your general and personal questions live just like I would in a personal session.

The energy of these live events is MONUMENTAL, and the shifts the audience experiences are HUGE. I can not wait to customize this PurposeCalls session for our group, give you clear directions and tips on how to proceed, and inspire you on your way to juicy amazing self-expression.

Everyone on the call will receive an MP3 replay link, even of they have not attended the call. The recording will be for sale after the event.

Duration: 2 hours ( from 11AM to 1PM central )

Cost: $33