PURPOSE CALLS – Facebook Live Call And Q&A – 11.29.2016

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Hi guys <3

All throughout November we have been feeling the energies of the new life slowly seeping in to our energy fields and awareness. And the closer to the end of November ( and more so to the end of the year ) we get, the more intense do the pulls towards our purpose get. And I have definitely noticed that in my own life, in life of my friends, and in your emails and comments. You write me about your worries about your life’s purpose, your fears that stand in the way of you showing the love that you are to the world.

You say:

I feel stuck…

I  feel like I was born to do more that what I am currently doing…

I feel like I am meant to contribute in a big way, but I just don’t know how …


I feel so inspired to do ___, but I am afraid it will not be needed / accepted.

I am afraid of negative feedback.

I am afraid of losing friends / family if I allow myself to be the way I want to be and do what I want to do.


I would LOVE to help you! I have found that within my community so many of you are currently being propelled into you missions, but are struggling to find your way in. Or are overcome with fears about being authentic and letting the love that you are show.

I have decided to create this live call to answer as many of your questions as possible on this topic and to tell you my personal insight and experience. I have great passion towards the subject of following one’s heart, and I root for every one of you to express yourself to the fullest. That is why I want to help you shatter those limiting beliefs forever and thrive as your true self doing something you absolutely love that does not feel like work at all.

Personally, I have always been about fulfilling my energy ( and I’ve always felt like I had A LOT to give).

I have learned the word “fulfillment” very early ( even in English class in school) – I felt so much resonance to it, I have clung to it from a very early age. I knew that the energy of this word was what I was after. I knew I was seeking fulfillment of myself, my potential, my talents and my visions. It has become my number one value, and everything I did, especially when I grew up a little and started asserting my independence more and more, was in service to that fulfillment.

I was dancing, writing, learning languages, studying human archetypes through energies and art, as if I knew what was in store for me later 🙂

I have never let go of this feeling, thank God!

I have quit multiple jobs without any back-up plan because they did not feel right or did not bring me pleasure. I have always relied on my sense of fulfillment vs common sense to guide me. And boy, it paid off every time! I have learned that Universe is ALWAYS ( no exceptions!!! ) guiding us in the direction of our fullest realization, and it is our trust in our joy that can bring us there fast and easy.

The trust I have developed with Universe in regards to my purpose is colossal, and I would like to share it with you as much as I can. So prep your questions, even the hardest ones, and we will dive into the world of freedom and self-expression.

Bring your friends who are struggling with the same issue, share this event in groups you think could enjoy this, and I can not wait to talk to you guys LIVE on Tuesday the 29th of November at 7PM Central Time here on my Facebook Page. During this LIVE Facebook call we will talk about finding one’s purpose, holding a vision of how you want to feel like when living your purpose, fears and blocks that are preventing us from living our purpose, and I will tell you plenty of my stories and all I have learned from them.

Love, Katya <3

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/668590906633746/

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