PSYCHIC ABILITIES: How To Discover How Psychic You Already Are

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Hi tribe <3

In today’s post I want to touch on another topic that is hot hot HOT in the collective at this point. Uncovering of our psychic abilities.

As we are receiving another massive influx of light, as we are accelerating incredibly fast forward and will be for the next week, the new wave of people who are being called to step in and guide the awakening ones are being activated. I have a pleasure of talking to so many of you who are a part of this wave in sessions, and activating so many of you on your path. And here is what I notice with so many of you: you are incredibly psychic, incredibly tuned in, but have no clue that you are.

The script running in the head is somewhat like this:

“I have always felt I was intuitive. I have always felt I had answers for other people. And I LOVE counseling people. But I am not a psychic. I do not hear a voice of my Higher Self, I do not know how to access my guides,  nor do I see clear images. I have no idea how to do this.”

And this post also applies to general population, that I feel like could benefit from the same insight. As the reason for being unaware of one’s abilities is all the same. People who just want to be more connected to their guidance, and do not realize that they already are. For them the script runs something like:

“I want to be able to hear my Higher Self / Guides clearly so that I know I can trust this guidance.” or ” How can I develop my psychic abilities so that I can see and hear just like you?”

The reason for is is the same: our expectations.

As we go about life we meet people that we know are psychic, that we feel are psychic and tapped in, and we take note of their process, of how they are, how they act, how they get insight. Then later when thinking about our own abilities, we measure ourselves against that template we have just created for ourselves. When in truth we are all unique ans get information and insight in vastly different ways. Not only that, we perceive our reality in different ways, so we could describe the same process in absolutely different ways.

So, in essence, if I listen to you and your story of HOW you are tapping in to your guidance, and measure my process against that, I can easiluy decalare that I am nowhere near having psychic abilities.

But what about all the visions and feelings I have around people? …I must be broken.

This has been my script for years and decades. Until I was clearly called to utilize my abilities I did not realize I had, and learn all about them in the process of helping others. That is when I understood that I was waaaaaay more tapped in than I realized.

In this video I tell you my wild stories of how I have come to understand that my expectations of how my psychic abilities had to manifest were holding me back. I talk about channeling, clairaudience and claircogniance, and give you practical advice on how you can go about discovering how psychic you already are.



I hope it helps you along your journey of discovering your True Self and your power. Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, join me for #PurposeCalls on the 14th, and have a private session with me. Discounted sessions are still available here:

Love, Katya Turner <3


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