Intuitives, Teachers, Guides | February 25th Recording


Recording of the live #PurposeCalls call on February 25th, 2017 where we talked about becoming an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher when feeling like you can help others, but don’t know where to even start.


This live call was so special to me! Over the past couple of months I had an honor of activating so many newly-awakened starseeds on the path of helping others, stepping out and sharing the knowledge and insight collected thus far through the journey of spiritual awakening and mastery.

So many of you have come to me feeling that you have knowledge and insight to share, but not knowing how to start, feeling that you could help others in their transformation, but not knowing how to begin. Feeling that you were sensitive, psychic, tuned in, but not having a clue if any of that was real, or if you were just imagining it.

On this call I share all my knowledge and practical tips I have collected on my path of guiding others, to give you valuable advice and channeled knowledge, technical ins and outs of this work, personal advice, all I have come to learn on my journey.

On this call I covered the following topics:

  • my story: how I started doing my intuitive work and went from not knowing I can do it at all to having a thriving exciting business
  • how to know what is all you are capable of intuitively / psychicly
  • how to start practicing
  • how to strengthen your connection to your Guides / Intuitive guidance / Higher Self
  • how to get clients
  • how to get yourself out there
  • what if I am scared of putting myself out there
  • what if my friends / family disapproves of this work, thinks it is too weird
  • afraid to channel on the spot
  • what if client does not like what I get for them
  • what is the objective of the intuitive reading
  • should I please the client?
  • should I make sure a client feels better after they leave a session with me?
  • you and client relationship
  • you as a conduit / vessel
  • do you need a website?
  • what about social media
  • how to promote yourself and your work
  • how much and when to charge
  • and so much more.

Then you get a chance to listen to a live Q&A that was packed with great questions, practical tips, and a ton of shifts from fear into power and freedom.


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