Ascension Mastery – 3.11.2017


Replay of the Ascension Mastery live call with Katya Turner on 3.11.2017 that includes a channeled guided visualization to teach you to live from your Soul’s perspective and genuinely enjoy life.


This call was so powerful and SO. MUCH. FUN!

At first I read the channeling from my galactic friends that walked us through connecting to home, connecting to Gaia and receiving her gratitude for the work we have done. Then they walked us through a guided visualization you can use every day to ground yourself in the soul perspective and genuinely enjoy life from the place of gratitude, curiosity and abundance. They showed us with every single question I answered how it was all a point of perspective: are you looking at the world from the limited perspective of human construct or are you looking at all that is available to you to play with from your soul perspective. Fascinating stuff!!! It changed my life as I was learning these lessons and it has changed so much for people on this call.

We also talked about the matrix and how we can practice in our day-to-day life to withdraw from the limitations of the “game” and live as our Higher Selves in body. Then I answered questions of attendees with help of their guides, Higher Selves and my own personal experience. This call was charged with energy of freedom, fun and expansiveness of living as a soul in this physical reality.


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