Advertising, Marketing, Branding: How To Get Yourself Out There | February 4th Recording


Recording of the live #PurposeCalls call on February 4th, 2017 where we talked about energy-conscious marketing, advertising and branding, and how to get yourself out there when you are just starting out.


This live call was so incredibly POWERFUL! Not only is it jam packed of practical tools, my personal stories and experience, but also contains a mega powerful energy transmission.

It started out with a channeling from Archangel Gabriel who walked us through an amazing visualization for restructuring our energy and acceptance of the newness coming our way through this session. Afterwards I covered the following topics:

  • how to get yourself out there
  • content creation
  • target audience. Do we need to have an idea of our target customer in mind? And how it appears.
  • where to share my message
  • having a marketing vision
  • how to have a loose marketing plan and not let it restrict the free flowing energy
  • energy vs strategy
  • how to open a website / blog
  • how to brand myself
  • social media game
  • how to promote yourself with virtually no money
  • why and how sincere sharing and giving value to others is your best strategy
  • and so so much more.

Then you get a chance to listen to a live Q&A when the group asked me the coolest questions that are so so wide-spread among the people starting out on their journey into their purpose. It was such a heart-warming powerful gathering, packed with practical tools you can start using after you get done listening.

4 reviews for Advertising, Marketing, Branding: How To Get Yourself Out There | February 4th Recording

  1. Katya Turner


    I wanted to share with you that your purpose calls have been very powerful.  You not only provide concrete guidance for moving forward, but there is also a very strong energy download.  I have experienced increased personal insights and creativity after each session.  I feel lighter, calmer, more grounded and energized in a new way.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time, energy, authentic vulnerability and enthusiasm that you share in all your videos, especially the purpose calls. I have noticed my confidence to express my true self and divine talents has increase after every purpose call.  It has the feeling of ease, excitement and gratitude.
    Thank you!  I can’t wait until next Saturday’s call for Intuitives!  

    Much love and gratitude,
    Gina McCants

  2. Katya Turner

    Dearest Katya, 

    here is my feedback. I loved the Purpose calls. you make things easier in an overview  – it is really releasing to follow the joy and fun energy instead of trying to create out of my head!

    What stay with me, is: Meditate ! – i feel encouraged to meditate, even if it feels like nothing is happening. I wondered about the difference to meditate in general,(which I do already practice)  or to meditate about something – or to get more clear about what and how and why and when. I love the invitation to ‚Let the energy show me what and how…`

    Also I enjoyed that I could see and hear the others, if I wanted to. I was encouraged to be in a group of so many beautiful people (mostly women, which I loved)

    I love, that you are concrete and clear in your support ! 

    I also loved that you tell about yourself. Me I am also kind of sick and on the body-level not really fit – so it was good to hear, how you deal with it….. thanks for being  normal : ) 

    So, cool. the timing for Germany ist like – its the best time of the week ha ha it is Saturday evening at 20 – 22:00 – so its prime time ! Means I will not always be able to be there and I feel it is very nice to be there live. And it is much better than another online – seminar which I once took which was here from 3 – 5 in the night – kind of  impossible to make it. 
    I find it also very cool, that one can buy the event as mp3…

    So thanks again – will definitively stay connected : ) Big hug, wishing you all the best. for you and your family , 

    – Katharina

  3. Katya Turner

    Dear Katya,

    I LOVED the Purpose Call!!!!  To keep it simple, I’m making a list of all I loved.
    SO much content in such a short amount of time!!!  Seriously!!!
    You give enormous value for what you charged.  In fact, I think you ought to charge more the next round of these you do, especially when you’re including a recording of the call.
    – The meditation was just DIVINE.  Literally.  And the energy that was embedded was (for me, at least) powerful and quite palpable.
    – I thought you did a masterful job of answering questions succinctly while giving all the pertinent information/answers.
    – Can’t believe how fast you got the recording up and into Dropbox for us all!
    – Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  I was PUMPED at the end of the call, and have started my own “ideas wall.
    – Great connections!  And I’m excited about the FB group for call participants.  You got that done in a hurry as well!!!!
    That’s what comes to mind right now…..there may actually be more.  You are truly gifted, and your work is a huge blessing.  And as with all I’ve seen you do – you ROCKED this! 

    – Jaci

  4. Katya Turner

    Hi Katya, 

    I discovered you through Andrew maybe just in December and then I watched like a million of your videos…one day. This was my first purpose call and WOW it was awesome…on just so many levels. 

    I have 7 (oh, 9 actually) pages of colorful notes. And as always you made so much sense. Maybe even more sense if that makes any sense. I wasn’t planning on this call but WOW was it the right call for me and at the right time. The practical tips were amazing but the way you mixed it with your teachings and heart ❤️ base perspective was amazing. Made so much sense. Looking forward to more. 

    I ended up empowered but feeling good and calm. Hard to explain as I often come out of energy sessions with a crazy amount of energy. I just felt good. Hard to put into words but it was what I needed on many levels. 

    My best to you and yours.

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