Why You Feel Huge Potential But Are Not Getting Anywhere

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Hi guys,

Today I want to talk to you about a very interesting subject to me. A subject that serves as a plague for the humanity at large. Something that prevents us all from living out our full potential, from feeling fully fulfilled, from being proud of ourselves and seeing tangible results. I have been wanting to write about it ever since I started producing my Purpose Calls video course. The reason is that I noticed so many weird patterns of my own behavior when it came to this amazing project, that I was shocked, wowed, and entertained all at once. All watching myself move through this process.

For those of you who do not know, I started working with the idea of helping people find their life purpose in November 2016. I did my first Facebook live on that subject, and it was a success ( I loved it, audience loved it, it was very informative ). I also started seeing a powerful stream of people in my intuitive sessions all asking me the same questions: how do I find my purpose, what is my calling, how to feel like you contribute to the world, how to express yourself from the heart when you are scared of a, b, c, what about starting a business etc. I was beyond excited to answer all of these questions, because I have lived it all. Every block, every fear. Over and over. (And still do.) And therefore I had much to share, many practical tips, channeled insight, my own stories that taught me much. I was thriving with this topic! I started a series of live calls to help people find and navigate their life purpose as well. And I knew that all this work was preparing me to create this online space where I could collect all of this information I have and share it with the world. So the idea of a website was born sometime in December 2016.

The site went live in the end of May ( yaaaaaaay!!! ) But why did it take me so much time to produce it? Was it because I was very pregnant, with the toddler when I fist got the idea? Was it because I had a baby in February? Was it because I did it all by myself ( I mean ALL – from writing the course, to filming, to editing, to designing and building the site, incorporating membership software, commerce…. it was A LOT of learning and doing) Was it because I was busy with my live calls, intuitive sessions, producing videos for YouTube, writing occasional blogs? All while being a stay at home mom. May be it was because I was in the middle of my own ascension, buried in never-ending issues coming up to deal with? May be.

Some of you might read and think: “Wow, really, how did she accomplish it all by herself? She rocked it!” And in a lot of aspects I did. But I read the paragraph above, and

I call bullshit!

I could have produced this site in a month, may be two, if I really committed to it and had prior learned this lesson:

The reason why you feel all of this immense potential inside, but your life is not moving anywhere is lack of action. 

How simple is that? But there is so much underneath it that I want to talk about. Why is it that we have these amazing visions, these big dreams, but we fail to act on them? Shouldn’t we be diving head on into something we so want to achieve and give birth to? What I found, is that underneath this lack of action lie so many fears, that we are not always conscious of. They drive our behaviors without us recognizing it, while we get more and more frustrated with ourselves that our life is where it was a year ago.

I have observed myself experience all these fears, and see so many of them now around me, as I communicate with more and more people about their dreams and aspirations.

  • Afraid to start. Odd right? But when I tune into it with my heart, it makes so much sense. Plus I have observed myself move through this too. We have these dreams, visions, that make us come alive, that keep us up at night, as we enjoy thinking about them so much. Because visualizing them happening fills us with joy and gratitude for life itself. But we are paralyzed when it comes to actually starting it, because subconsciously we are deathly afraid of messing up this feeling of our dream. And we know we will. As we start our projects ( especially those that are big and require an extensive number of steps) they no longer feel “perfect” to us. They become a day-to-day grind, filled with necessary mistakes, re-routes, sometimes conflicts. All the juice we need to learn and grow from that comes in form of struggle and negative emotions. So before starting our projects that are so dear to our hearts, we are afraid to lose that connection to perfection. Because deep inside we know that we will have to.
  • Afraid to learn. Or rather face the fact that you DO need more knowledge / skills, and then go and acquire them. It is one of the weirdest feelings in the world to have this huge dream that you are so aligned with, and feel like you can not bring it to life because you lack in some departments. This dream is so real to you in your heart, you can almost taste it, touch it. You can see it so vividly, you can sense the joy of its fulfillment. But becoming aware of the deep gap between you now and that dream becoming reality is undeniably hard.
  • Afraid of the mountain. This is how I call all the work that will go into the project. And the bigger the project, the bigger the mountain. If you were to sit down and write out all you will have to do to make this project real in one to-do list, it would probably be a long one. This is what I call the mountain: our perception of the entirety of work that needs to be done. When we try to grasp it all at the same time, we get scared and weighted down.
  • Afraid to finish. This one is even cooler. We have been doing all the work for months, sometimes years, and when it comes to the last leap, we feel very reluctant to finish. Almost sabotaging ourselves and finding excuses why n0t to finish or procrastinate. Because we are afraid of the result: “What if it will not be successful? Then I’d rather avoid facing it altogether!” Or we are afraid of the void on the other side of completion: all this time we felt like we have a sense of purpose, but what happens when we finish? Will we lose our purpose? Will we feel lost again?

Odd little fears, but can really screw up a big dream and a big project that you are fully capable of doing. Being aware of them is half the work, as you will be able to recognize them in your behavior ( and being able to recognize a problem gives you the power to fix it – yaaay!). The other half is that said action. And when I look at it, really, I feel like action is about 90% of your success. The hustle, the grind, the showing up despite your fears, despite discomfort. Connecting to your vision again and again, carrying that feeling it gives you regardless of how scared your mind can be of all the steps you need to take. And then acting again. Doing. Learning. Writing lists. Checking them off, one by one. Setting long term and short term goals to help you be motivated and to keep moving “in the thick of it”.

Only consistent action can help your potential flourish. If you feel the strength to move a mountain, it will never move until you come up to it, put your hands on the rock, and start pushing.

Action, action, action, my friends. Kick yourself in the rear if you need to, find inspiration, keep feeding yourself inspiring stuff, partner with others, create yourself a support network. Do what you require to keep moving, but act on your dreams. In my own life, and in lives of so many people I encounter, I see so many beautiful grand visions go to die, because the actions are never taken. Or started ,and left unfinished. Forever “perfect”, but never lived.

I hope this was eye-opening and helpful. May be a little bit of a reality-check that I so want you to have to see each one of you live out your wildest dreams. With this post I want to encourage us all to reach within and feel for that immense potential, to feel for those dreams and visions, and to start taking ACTION, helping each other, motivating each other, reminding each other why we started. Now as we are coming up on the Summer Solstice, the energy could not be more favorable for you to make big plans and to take bold actions.

I love you,

Katya <3

P.S. Want to check out the site I was talking about? Here it is —> https://purposecalls.com/

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  1. Yasmeen June 16, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Awesome!!! All those but-what-if’s?

  2. Barbara June 17, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Thank you so much Katya for uplifting, empowering, and inspirational information, and some great reminders! ^_^

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