PARENTING SENSITIVE CHILDREN: How To Help Them Be Open With You And Foster Mutual Trust

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All of us are parenting the “new children”. They are not like our parents, they are not even like us. They are much higher in frequency, much more developed in their perceptions, much more aligned, if not fully, with their Higher Selves. They are much more psychic, extrasensory, and generally sensitive. They embody the energies we are slowly becoming by clearing and healing years of trauma, and resulting fears, knowledge, limiting beliefs. They are pure, they are connected.

Compared to awakened us, they are way more developed, sensitive and aware. And compared to the rest of the un-awakened world, they are …aliens.

So how do we help them grow up feeling comfortable with their “differences”, their gifts, and abilities, that have not even yet been recognized as valid in the mainstream world? How do we become the parents they are open with and share with?

The answer is quite simple.

We have to be real with them. Real about our “paranormal” experiences and abilities, real about our struggles and challenges, open about what we are going through on our Ascension journey, and open about all the lessons we learn along the way. Fully authentic and vulnerable about our process of awakening, and where we are on our path, ready to admit our weaknesses, our fears, our shortcomings.

This is the complete opposite of how the majority of us were raised, so it might come as a learning curve to us. A we have to break this pattern of control and authority that has been plaguing our families for generations.

Here is why.

Every new generation of children is being born on a much higher level of consciousness than their parents. When they come into families that are of a lower vibration (the vast majority of them do), they look at their parents as if they are children they came to teach and to parent. Because it is true. They are wiser, they do have more universal knowledge than we as parents, and they are very well aware of it. They can see through their parents like through glass- all through their parents’ lives,  traumas, and fears, and insecurities. All the way to their Higher Selves. They are born fully aware that they came here to help and to teach.

This is why it is very confusing and detrimental to them when we start applying control and pressure, and in some cases emotional manipulation, to make them comply with our rules “just because we said so”. This is why it is so unclear to them why they should accept control and authority of people who are less evolved, who don’t know as much as they do, who don’t even know themselves all that well or at all.

This is why authority fails and traumatizes these children. They need to be parented from the standpoint of equality and oneness, full transparency and empathy.

When you are real with your children about your challenges, it makes sense to them. Not only on the level of empathy, as they know what you are going through weather you tell them or not, but also logically. It also makes you accessible. It makes your open heart accessible to them. When you tell your children about your psychic or extrasensory experiences, it validates their experience of the world. And, depending on the community you are surrounded by, they may not get that validation anywhere else but from you. When you tell them about your unexplained or even scary experiences, it opens up  the space for them to come to you with theirs.

With your openness you create the space for them to act the same way. You allow them to make mistakes and learn from them, you normalize not having it together all the time. You make it OK to be real, to be themselves. Giving them one of the greatest gifts – teaching them that authenticity is safe and welcome.

By trying to keep a facade of calmness and maintaining that authoritative attitude, you can cause your children to withdraw into their own world and shut down from you. As they see right through you. And a lot of them are adamantly against “playing pretend”, as it causes them to feel great dissonance within themselves, and they are greatly aware of it energetically, physically and emotionally.

I want to remind you, that being open with your children does not mean making them your therapist. It does not entail complaining to them, or asking them for advice. Although they might offer you some on multiple occasion. What it does mean, is opening your heart to them about where you really are, what you really feel, what you really think, what is really going on. They will know more than you tell them, but the fact that you will tell, will mean a whole lot.

So be real, my friends. This message has been coming through in so many sessions, for so many people. And when I started applying it in my own life, I saw real miracles started happening. I saw how much more connected I have become to my daughter and she to me, how she started taking me way more serious ( if that even makes sense to you now – she is only 17 months old, so no verbal communication is going on from her part, but a whole lot of energetic and telepathic), we have become way more attuned to each other, and hence my Ascension process and the energies of my Higher Self are way more integrated into my motherhood experience now. I started seeing how with this being real and open I am able to be so much more preset in teh moment with her, which has been a struggle for me ever since my Ascension kicked in, as I am very top-chakra-active. It has been a blessing for me, and I know it can help you transform your relationship with your children into that of authenticity and transparency, producing trust and energetic attunement.

I hope this serves you.

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Love, Katya <3

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