How To Overcome Any Fear

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Happy Monday, guys <3

Today I want to talk a little bit about fear. In the years of exploring my own fears ( and there were A LOT and some are still very present, and I ‘m uncovering new ones almost every day)  here is what I have found:

Fears are based on our deep resistance to a possible outcome and our deep unwillingness to accept the scenario as a possibility in our lives.

Why do we resist so much ?


a) we are conditioned to judge things as good or bad, socially acceptable or unacceptable etc.,

b) we are afraid to feel emotions that we expect will accompany this scenario we are resisting

c) We are afraid to feel negative emotions because we do not know how to cope with them and take them through us to completion

Hence we find ourselves in denial of this possibility, believing in the illusion of control and forcefully manipulating our lives and lives of those involved to avoid that outcome, we distract ourselves from our fears, we dissociate from them, disown them, judge them. That is how they end up creating the unconscious ruler of our lives, they become a part of our shadow.

And once we have decided that we can no longer live in control of our fears, once we consciously decide that we are ready to deal with them, we are ready to look them in the face.

In this video I talk about the technique that can help you overcome any fear. It is powerful, it is intense, it teaches us to feel and not run from feelings ever again.


[youtube id=”ot6XY-7R0QU” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Enjoy, like, share, subscribe, and let me know how it helped you in the comment section.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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