What Happens When You Open Your Heart

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Hi, tribe <3

How many times have you heard that you need to open your heart? Why do you need to? And what will happen if we do? What does it even mean?

I see opening one’s heart is letting the love that you are show. I see it as stopping to hide behind walls we have built up to protect us from hurt of non-acceptance, abandonment, judgement, lack of love.

Up until recently, as we have journeyed through life, we have learned that being open and showing our light hurts. Because in our full true expression we are unlovable. we were told we are wrong to feel the way we feel, something must be wrong with us if we believe what we really believe, or like what we like. We have been shamed for expressing our love and compassion freely. So we have learned to hide that light, hide that love. We have learned to toughen-up, build up walls, and project an image of ourselves that would earn us some degree of love, acceptance and inclusion.

Now that journey has come to an end. We are being called to uncover the light, drop down defenses, let go of past hurt, and open our hearts wider than ever.

In this short video I explain the channeling that keeps coming for all the Lightworkers that are coming to me in my intuitive sessions. The Higher Guidance says, that while we have learned this idea that if we open our hearts, we get hurt, now the opposite will occur. We will start attracting people that are so kind and nice, we never knew existed. We will start meeting our Star Family, we will see just how much love will start pouring back to us.

Why now? Because IT IS TIME.

All the time up until now we have been gathering experiences our souls needed in order to fulfill our Starseed Missions on Earth. But now is the time to embody the love that we are and once forgot.

I am one of those people who can be a walking example of what the Higher Guidance is stating. When I started doing my intuitive sessions (which was super scary, as I did not even know I could do all that I do in them now, I had to open my heart to complete strangers ) the biggest magic started happening. I met so many amazing powerful intuitive open-hearted people, I met so many members of my Star Family, so many people on the same vibrational wave as me, that I finally did not feel alone and isolated.

It is a truly beautiful message, and I wish you the courage to open your heart to the world and let the love that you are show.


[youtube id=”pS5n3O89OrM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


I hope it serves you, inspires you to take the leap of faith and open up once more.

Love, Katya Turner <3


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