NOW: It Is Time To Make The Waves!

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Greetings <3

You know how so many of us have been living in a small box of what we should be to be loved and accepted? How we have been suppressing our true feelings, emotions and opinions for the sake of keeping peace and making people around us comfortable? WE have been doing it for so long, it has become an unconscious habit to act out of what we should say and how we should react.

Now we are waving “good bye” to those times as we align more and more with our authentic core. We take in more and more energy of our True Self, which is making the struggle of staying small that much more intense. Now we are acutely aware of how it would be – to be ourselves. We catch ourselves in certain situations longing to express our true opinions, act out of our heart’s desire. And if we do not follow that calling, the discomfort is HUGE.

It is because it is time to make the waves.

This message has been coming in for the last couple of months in my intuitive sessions for so many Lightworkers. It keeps coming. It needs to be heard and taken to heart.

The times of suppressing your spirit are over. We have experienced all and have learned all we needed from them, and now it is time to be who you came here to be – you. The Higher Guidance keeps reiterating that

You did not come here to make others comfortable. You came here to facilitate change.

By expressing your true self,  you true opinions, acting out of your true alignment. And no change is comfortable. You know it, I know it. We have all been through it, still going through it. And we came here to be the catalyst of change in others around us as well.

So when we act out of wanting to keep peace and not expressing what we truly feel or think, we are really perpetuating that which is NOT in alignment, that which we came here to change. We rob other people of their chance to experience this same change we are going through. The time has come for them to grow as well.

I hope this video inspires you, gives you more “umpf” to be your authentic self in every expression, and gives you a higher perspective on why people around us can sometimes react to us in such a negative way.


[youtube id=”nx-zmxg0Lk8″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


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Love, Katya Turner.


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