November 2016 Energy Update

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Hi dear friends. Oh what a holy wild ride has November been so far! 🙂 Energies ranging from super high feelings of alignment and newness to the lowest of the lows of the deepest corners of our shadows and our past. The new is coming in, and it is pushing out the old with a whole new level of intensity and speed. Add a super powerful full moon to the mix that has brought a major emotional wipe-out to us, AND a plethora of physical symptoms  – and we have the November recipe 🙂

In this video I talk about the major themes that are playing out in the collective at this moment and will continue to be active throughout the end of the month ( some into December as well). Here is what I see out in the field:

  • Ups and downs from the deepest traumas to the highest inspirations.
  • Self-love aspect is coming in HUGE for us right now. We are being invited (or shoved) to learn self-love in practice, rather than as a theoretical concept we knew is as up until now. We are being called to integrate it in our daily lives, and when we do not actively practice it, we are being shown a very intense contrast of experience.
  • Ditching the plan … AGAIN ! Here we are being gently reminded to not cling to our vision for the future, and instead create an emotional blueprint of this vision and follow THAT. We are being asked to let go of the plan that our minds build upon feeling the energies working through us, surrender the “how”, and accept what is without needing to know or figure out how it is going to develop further.
  • Physical Symptoms are wild. The most common ones right now in the field are: ascension flu, spine re-alignment, pineal gland expansion, brain work, electricity surges throughout body and collapsing of heart walls.
  • The new is squeezing in but its pushing out the old even more intensely. So we must ditch all the old stories that are holding us back from experiencing this new.
  • Emotional wipe-out as a result of the full moon on the 14th . To help yourself balance out your energy field and come back to center as often as you can you can:- take salt baths,- go cleanse in nature,- smudge yourself and your home often,- do shower meditations
  • Surrender to God all that you can not figure out how to heal / clear. When my guidance showed me a vision for this concept, my mind was taken over by so much fear, because I did not want it to get even more intense for me to be forced to change my ways. Of course, who wants more pain. But here is what the Source consciousness had for me in response to that fear: “You think that we are some evil heartless entities that will give you more and more grief in your life, make your struggles even more painful for you to change, but in reality we love you and we are more than willing to help you and show you all the easy and beautiful ways out of your prison. But you have got to surrender what you think you know and what you have learned thus far for us to guide you”. Wow – then I saw clear as day that beautiful and easy ways do exist, and that for me to access them all I have to do is to allow the possibility of ease to enter my reality. I have to accept that it CAN be easy and beautiful, and surrender to how it will be brought to me.
  • The opportunity is knocking – Will you take me ? Here my guides were talking about inspirations, ideas, random thoughts that feel good that will keep popping up throughout this month, ushering you into your stream of newness of 2017. But in order for that amazing energy to come in and solidify itself in your life as your actualization, fulfillment, your dreams coming true, it is your responsibility to take action on that inspiration.


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Love, Katya Turner <3


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