November 2016 Energy Forecast – Speed, Magic, Soul Connections

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Hi tribe <3

What a wild ride has October been for us! After such an intensity it is quite refreshing to end up in these energies of newness, excitement and magic that November is bringing us. When I finally sat down to load the guidance and insight from my team yesterday, I was so excited to receive the messages. And now so excited to share them with you.

The energies that are coming for us in November are so intense, but are equally as amazing. We have all been feeling them even since the arrival of the New Moon energies on the 30th of October, and so far they have only been ramping up. Magic is in the air, and the new life starts pulling us into itself.

Here are the main themes for November that I discuss in this video:

1. Our divine consciousness is coming into the world through us. We are starting to live as multidimensional beings, as divine humans in every new now moment. Learning the mastery of our power and our being through first hand experience.

2. Energies are FAST. Faster than October, if you can believe that. And the only reason we are being asked to process so much at such speed, is to see just how powerful our bodies and minds can be when used consciously as tools of creation.

3. Opening in the matrix. Pure Source alignment. We will see it through global events, out on the social arena, and also in our personal lives. The more we slow down and pay attention to our manifestations, what our reality brings to us, the more of these openings we will see.

4. Finally meeting people and walking along side those like-minded IN PERSON !!!

5. Physical symptoms are off the charts and will continue to be, may be even ramping up in intensity and frequency. And what to do if you feel like you can no longer handle the intensity, how to learn to trust that all of this discomfort is for our highest good.

6. Connection to Higher Self super strong this month. Yaaay! We have been cut off there for a while, but we are back on and it feels fantastic. ( If you do not feel it yet, do not worry, it is coming!)

7. We are still doing inner work, but it flows way easier through us. We surrender easier. We let go easier. We allow what is coming up to be brought to the surface and that makes this fast ride very productive

8. The return to Earth: we experience a lot of heart pulls to go into nature, to explore our connection with nature, to learn more about nature, our planet, herbs, crystals, our new bodies, and how we all operate together on the new Energy Grid.

It’s exciting, it’s intense, it’s off the charts. And the more we can learn to master our vibration and our thoughts pertaining to any situation, the easier we can surf this month’s energies and bask in the magic that is all around us and available to us.


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Love, Katya Turner <3

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