How Not To Fear Negative Entities

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In today’s video I talk about negative entities and negative energies, why we fear the, why we feel the need to protect ourselves from them, and how to stop this cycle of fear.

What I have found along my spiritual journey, is that we fear these native entities because we have a conscious or unconscious belief that they are out there to hurt us, and that they can actually hurt us really bad. For some of us this belief is based upon our past experiences, for some – experiences of others that they heard of, and for others it is based upon learned knowledge (family, school, books, online articles and communities).

With studying the Law Of Attraction and noticing how it works to shape my life I have learned that

Our beliefs shape our matrix. They act as a framework for the energy to come and fill.

Hence if we believe that negative entities and energies are out there to get us, we will inevitably bring that about. Because with having that belief we have created a point of attaction within our energy fields that serves as a magnet for the exact thing we fear and try to avoid. if we believe that those negative entities can actually hurt us, we do end up getting hurt by them because our belief system allows that to be so.

Think of it, if the framework of your reality, this maze town for the energy to fill that your beliefs create has a street that is named “Negative Energies Can Hurt Me”, then the negative energies that want to hurt have a VIP invitation, an all-inclusive pass into your energy field to that exact street. They live there, and rejoice by feeding off of your fear.

But what if you removed that street from your energy framework “maze”? They would have no where to go, as there would be no point of attraction for them to be attracted to.

I used to be afraid of negative energies and entities all my life, as I was personally hurt by them, I have seen my loved ones be hurt by them, and I was also taught by all kinds of sources how to protect myself from them ( perpetuating that I needed protection). Over time I have come to realize that

All energy is of Source. Of God. Of love. And love does not need to protect itself from love. Even if that love has forgotten its origin.

In this video I explain in great detail all the learning stages that I went through that helped me remove the belief and replace it with a better feeling one, the one that does not serve as a point of attraction of negative entities and energies. It can help you with working on replacing the beliefs you have about these entities, with changing your perspective studying this subject, and with giving your mind a ton of proof of why that old belief is no longer valid.


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