New Earth Is Being Created Intuitively

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Soooo many STARSEEDS are coming to me in my intuitive sessions, and all of them have something in common:

They are here to create THE NEW EARTH.

And the common theme with all the wayshowers and system-makers is this: the New Earth systems and laws that we are beginning to remember and create are ALL coming from you INTUITION, and not from your intellectual knowledge.

You are coming here knowing what to do on the deep level of alignment, you are coming here with “codes” and knowledge already in place, and now the codes are being activated and you are starting to remember.

Key here is REMEMBER.

The knowledge of what the New Earth and its specific structure that you came here to put in place is already within you, it has always been within you. And it is accessible through the FEELING: first feeling deep conflict with the current systems, and later feeling deep alignment with a “tiny mad idea” you have always had, but never believed.

That tiny mad idea of how things should be instead or how things work in reality, is the key to full remembering.

In this video I share my thoughts and observations from sessions on the subject. The Spirit has been very literal in showing and explaining this concept, so I hope what I share will resonate deep within and may be trigger some codes for you too.

Enjoy ! And share your thoughts with me in the comments.

Love, Katya <3

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