NEW EARTH BUSINESS: Heart vs Structure

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So you have been settling into your New Earth mission for some time now. Or have always known, that when time is right, you will get to express your soul in a certain way. And now we are finally getting heads up, we are being propelled forward by the transformational energies of love that are flooding the planet. Chances are, you have always had a feeling it was going to be something BIG. Something very expansive and important, something that will benefit so many people. A lot of us, Lightworkers, have always felt like there was a book in us, or a specific business, that will come as a direct result of our opening to our True Selves and will benefit so many.

Now that the 5D space have opened up for us to create that future, to create that business, to write that book, a lot of us are feeling a little stuck. Unsure of how to even begin. And sometimes when we do begin, it does not seem to flow at all.

And really, it is intimidating a little to begin something from zero, when you have a clear vision of how huge this is going to get. Understandably so.

What I have been seeing in my sessions and out in the collective, is this: a person knows they will build this successful business of helping others. So they think: ok, for a business I need a name, a logo, a website, a Facebook page, a good sales copy, business cards, advertising strategies etc. They create all that, but nothing is moving anymore. No clients are coming, nobody is expressing any interest, really. Or many people are being prompted to write books. They know that there are bestsellers in them, but when they sit down in front of a piece of paper, they are blank. They think:  what book should it be, what do I have to share that might be of value, or gain popularity. And they might find such a thing, start writing, but overtime feel completely unfulfilled, and leave it.

While this approach has worked for us for years in the old paradigm, the guidance have been coming all the same: we are looking at it backwards.

And where we need to start it, is in the heart.

The Spirit keeps saying, that the business of the New Earth will open itself, the book will write itself, and all we really have to do is to show up with a fully open heart, and follow the guidance we get, no matter how overwhelming and scary it might feel.

What they mean by that is, that if you re passionate about crating a business of the New Earth, go deep in that feeling of passion, and start helping people, start connecting with people from that space first. Share your story, share your “why” – why you are so passionate about this. In this way, in this opening of the heart and letting everybody see the expression of love that you are, you will automatically connect with people who feel the same, whose passions match yours, you can find partners, people who can help you with ideas, resources, and in the process of already simmering in this passionate goodness the business model will form. You will see what that is that you are being asked to step in to the plate with. You will see what exactly is needed: not in theory, but in reality.

You will get a feel for your newly forming venture, and create your brand identity (your logo, website, other visuals)  from that space. You will materialize the feeling. Materialize the vibration.

Do you see now how going and building a website for the business you know you are about to bloom into, is backwards? And how in terms of vibration and law of attraction, you are attracting all the old stuff this way, or nothing at all.

We have learned all about energy and laws of the universe, we have done all that inner work to be able to live it . Everywhere: in our businesses, in our relationships, in our daily lives, in interactions with strangers.

When it comes to writing books, the window is open for so many now. And even when you don’t have a slightest idea what your book might be about, starting to write is crucial. You have to show up and give that book a chance to express itself. It has to have a way out of you.

The easiest way to do so is to start journaling at the end of each day. Writing down what happened, what has touched your soul, the interesting thoughts that you have had throughout the day, the theories that might be forming in your mind. It might seem awkward at first, especially if you have never journaled before, but I promise you it gets so good. The journaling gets to be your venting place, your imaginary friend with whom you share the craziest of thoughts and theories. It gets to be your deeper connection to your True Self and your energy of creation.

Start in the heart.

The structure will reveal itself to you, and the form will appear organically. And all you need to do, is to show up with an open heart. That is how your New Earth will open for you.

Love, Katya.

Have you been feeling stuck in your New Earth business? or have you always known that you will write a book one day, but it has not been working out? Let’ stalk in the comments below, share experiences, and encourage each other. I can’t wait to hear your stories. <3


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