New Earth Business: Energy vs Strategy

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Hi guys <3

Have you notices how running our businesses has become wildly different ? In the past we opened the business because we knew how to make money with it, and the primary goal of this business was to rake in that cash. The more the better. We learned strategies, algorithms of success, applied it to our business, and grew it from there. We knew that if we were to do everything on the strategy checklist, our business venture would be a success. And it was.

Until recently.

These days we notice, that when we apply the strategies we used in the past, use the best knowledge and advice available, pay the best people in the industry to help us, it simply does. not. work. half the time at least. Why is that ?

That is because we can no longer apply old rigid rules and strategies to the New Earth business and the new energies we live and breathe in. First, let’s make a clear distinction here between old paradigm business and the New Earth business.

Old Paradigm Business: created to make money, as a result of knowing a sure algorithm that will bring in that cash. Example: I know how to efficiently buy and sell goods with profit, I know the right people, I know sellers, I know buyers, it would be stupid not to make money on it.

New Earth Business: it would bring be the greatest joy to do ___. Or it would make me so happy to help people in ___ way because I have so much to share. I live, breathe, and dream about ____, because it makes me come alive, it makes me forget what time it is, and just loose myself in the doing. I create this business to help as many people as I can, to realize myself as a soul, to feel fulfilled and grounded in my purpose.

The main distinction between the two is that the old business model was of the mind, of logic, and the new earth business is birthed through an open heart. It comes as a bi-product of us being fully ourselves, as a bi-product of our personal growth and evolution, it is soul-driven, it is full of energy of your Higher Self coming to express itself through you.

So when we try and apply old rules to a new business model, it rarely works. The New Earth business does not respond to musts and charts full of data from teh past. It does not respond to you trying harder and hiring more people. It responds to how energy flows through you. It responds to the divine plan.

Remember, the more we give in to the energy of our Higher Selves to live through us, the less logical it becomes. the more we act out of what feels right rather than what makes sense, the more we check our mind of our lives and invite the heart in. The new business is calling us to flow with energy waves just as much as we do so in our lives.

In this video I explain in detail how and why the old rules do not apply to the New Earth business, what is happening energetically for that to be reflected to us, what to do with all the strategies we have learned and knowledge we have accumulated, how to use all of that with the new energies, and how to flow in your business.


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Love, Katya Turner <3


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