NEW ACCELERATED TIMELINE: How To Ride The Waves Of Intensity

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Hi guys <3

Wow, to the intensity of the energies we are moving into! I got to experience them ever since yesterday, and they have been nothing short of mind-blowing. They had me experience the highest of alignments, then feel absolutely drained, then cry for a couple of hours, then soak in a looooog salt bath to come back to kinda normal. Wow!

Acceleration does not come without some discomfort. Or a lot of discomfort. But the good news is, now we know  plenty of tools to bring us back to center, and in this video I will share with you my tools, as well as the channeled guidance on how to surf through this next wave of energy.

First, let me point out, that this timeline jump feels very much like the August 2016 one, yet the energies that are at play now are so much more sharp, precise, higher in vibration and dimensional qualities. They require mastery of the highest levels.

In this video I talk about my experience with these energies so far, and expand in depth on the following tools of how to ride the waves of intensity:

1. Connect To High Heart

Go to the place where you just be the energy that you are. Without trying to make anything different, without trying at all, ans just BE. Feel the power of energy that you are being through your physical body. You can do so using the visualization the Andromedans gave us in this post, or you can use the technique I describe in the video.

2. Find Your Balance

These energies are very intense physically and very demanding in terms of how much is coming our way and how much we are asked to take action. This way it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. So finding balance is VERY IMPORTANT. Here is how: 1) we are being asked to REALLY take care of our bodies: make sure we get enough sleep, pay attention to diet changes, move the body and energy through the body. 2) Find balancing activities . For me these are salt baths, being in nature, gardening, my intuitive sessions. 3) Energetic hygiene: intention and pre-paving in the morning and the night before, cleansing, charging. Make it a non-negotiable of your day, like brushing your teeth, as it will largely determine your experience of the day.

3. Chasing JOY

Approach life from a sense of JOY vs from a sense of obligation and logic. It will make it way easier to ride the waves of intensity ( both energetic and physical).

4. Fear is always an option

In any timeline fear is always an option. Fear as your response is always an option in any human experience: whether you are having a nightmare of a life, or are living the dream. Similarly, our dearest news outlets remain the same, regardless of the timeline ( although they might shift out faster in the accelerated version ), and if exposure to news or events on the global arena causes you to fall into fear and panic, I would suggest consciously and intentionally limiting your exposure to such outlets. If being around certain people who dwell in the energies of fear and doom is draining you and bringing your vibration down, it is your CHOICE to keep going back for more, or to consume other energy.

In this video I also share important updates about my work: one on one sessions, how to get a free intuitive session with me, and exciting news and topics about the #PurposeCalls in February.




I hope this video can be helpful for you on your journey of riding the waves of intense energies of the new accelerated timeline. Let me know how do you experience this energy and if you are having any trouble dealing with any particular area of your life in the comments below. Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and book a private session with me while spots are still available. Also, sign up for my monthly newsletter for a chance to win a free session with me and to get updated on Live Calls I will be doing in the future.

Love, Katya Turner

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