NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: How Not To Let It Burn You Out And Stop You From Living Your Life Purpose

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Hi guys <3

In this post I want to address a very interesting topic. It is an issue that stops many people from jumping into their life purpose, it demotivates a lot to the point of losing their passion and enthusiasm, it makes people question their own abilities, alignment, sanity.

It is negative feedback. Judgement. Criticism.



How many times have you expressed your truth to get wildly criticized for it? It has happened to so many of us throughout our childhoods and past lives, and now these issues, fears and blocks around feedback we carry are being activated more and more within each individual. The reason being, is that we can NOT carry those programs into 5D with us. We can NOT allow our energy to express itself through us fully, while filtering ourselves for the sake of not being judged and criticized.

Full self-expression requires your filters fully off.

And that is something that we have been experiencing during this latest massive wave of light. Our massive upgrades in energy and our energetic place in the Universe have taken a lot of filters off. In frequent conversations with fellow intuitives we have discovered that so many of us are feeling the same way: as if the energy we channel no longer comes from the outside, but from within the body, as if energy around expression has become so much lighter, as if the molecules of the words coming out are further apart. We all feel like what comes out of us, comes out faster than we can mentally process it, it comes out bold, with no filter. It doesn’t bother to stop and assess whether people around are ready to process this information. It just comes out in the most authentic way possible. And later we, utilizing our human minds that still have some upgrading and mastery to go through, analyze this process and judge ourselves for potentially hurting other people with our radically different perspective.

And here I want to remind you of that beautiful visual of throwing rocks out of the heart that one of my clients’ Higher Self talked about. You can watch this video if you do not know what I am referring to. The main message there was for us to broadcast our level of consciousness at our level of awareness without descending to the level of others to make it more digestible or comfortable.

But what happens when we actually do so?

We create waves. We create discomfort in others and, in turn, it creates waves upon waves of negative feedback.

Now as we are being upgraded, propelled forward in our missions, or find ourselves right in front of a breakthrough into our mission, I felt that it was more important than ever to talk about the issue of negative feedback and criticism, and how to view it, so that we do not let it stop us from pursuing our dreams, from fulfilling our life purpose. So that it doesn’t kill our passion and drive for what we do. Not only that, I want to suggest seeing it as a positive sign, as a blessing for us and people we are triggering.

Here is how.

1. Accept the fact that some people will not like you, and that some negative feedback will be always present.

Just take is as a constant. As a non-negotiable. I know a lot of you reading this feel your stomach turn in knots when I mention that. That is the exact trigger I am talking about. To resolve that trigger try out this inner child dialogue exercise I describe in this video. In essence, I want you to imagine your inner child in front of you, and I want you to tell that child all it wanted to hear from a parent, best friend, the one who truly cares back in childhood, but never did. Now you get a chance to re-parent that inner child and make yourself whole and free again. You can say:

“I know it sucks so bad that those people did not see your light, did not see your beautiful pure intention, all the love that you had to offer. It truly sucks, and if you feel like you need to grieve about it, I will be here, present with you. You can take as much time as you need. I know it hurt you deeply that they did not understand who you are, that they could not see the real you and the light that you are. But you know what, I see it. I see your purity, your strength, your power, all that love in your heart that you so desperately want to bring into this world. And I admire it so deeply!!!! And if nobody ever will understand you and see that light in you, I will. And I will always be here with you. If someone decides to judge you, or criticize you, I will always be here to remind you how great you are, and if needed, to grieve with you again. I support you 100% and am always here for you, and will help you in all you require to fulfill this potential inside of you.”

Can you feel yourself relaxing in your body as you read this?

This exercise is so so powerful in breaking down our defenses, our heart walls, and allowing us to express ourselves as fully and freely as we have come here to do. And just like that it can help you make peace with the fact that we are all different. We were made to be different and to have different perspectives on things. So naturally we will not all vibe with each other. And some will choose to express their dissonance, and some will not. But that in no way reflects the quality of your work or you as a human being.

And this is beautifully leading up to the next point.

2. People’s opinion of you is just a reflection of where THEY are, their inner world. And it has nothing to do with you or your work.

Remember, how our experience is fully made up of our perceptions? This is a key to understanding the following point. When  person experiences something ( anything! ) they process this experience through the filter of their inner world: their past experiences, their current emotional state, their emotional capacity, their frameworks and beliefs ( conscious or unconscious). So the same experience of let’s say bunji jumping can be an exhilarating adventurous thing for one, and a terrifying morally wrong for another. Why? Because the second person might be viewing it from a perspective of the one who had a falling accident as a child and has not resolved it, and as a result believes that it is morally wrong to subject human beings to such extreme conditions as flying tied up to a rope on a string. furthermore, that person might have a hard time establishing personal boundaries because they have been frequently violated as a child, and as a result suffers great discomfort when even thinking about being tied up and having no control. So while bunji jumping is an abslutely neutral thing, it can be viewed as radically positive by some people, and radically negative by others.

Same with you and your work. What people think of you has absolutely nothing to do with you, but with what they have going on inside. Which is neither good nor bad. It just IS. They are perfect where they need to be at any current point in time, and so are you. So let others express whatever they feel the need to express without it affecting your sense of self-worth and how you view your work.

What if it does?

Then I would suggest 1) focusing on the FUN you are having while doing this work ( then everything else becomes irrelevant ) and 2) examining your own beliefs triggered by negative feedback. What beliefs do YOU carry inside that coincide with what was being expressed? Where in your energy field do you agree with what was being said? Let’s say someone mentions that what you are talking about is a complete nonsense, and you should just never express yourself anymore. If that legitimately triggers you, I want you to examine: How is it that I am not believing in my own message? How is it that I do not trust my guidance to express myself and my thoughts / inspirations? How is it that I believe I am incompetent? Do I see my message / my voice as not important? Do I feel like I am off / odd / strange?

And after you have examined all of this within yourself you can jump right back on that inner child dialogue exercise and coach your inner child, be his biggest cheerleader and encourage him to be himself.

3. People’s opinions of you are none of your business.

This message has been coming through in sessions left and right, as our guidance wants us to focus on US ans our embodiment of our energy. NOTHING ELSE. As to the soul that is all that matters – to actualize itself and the divine plan it has built for this life through this human this body of yours. And as we move into 5D and higher full time, we have to be able to hold this focus without wavering. We are a soul experiencing itself through this human body. Any other programming that is layered over it has to go. It might still linger in your thoughts, but it must not in your actions as every action taken HAS to come from a place of alignment, or we drop right back into density ( and feel radical discomfort ).

So maintaining focus yourself and YOUR opinion of yourself is what matters so much right now. Do you feel like you are showing up for your divinely inspired ideas every day? Does it feel good to you to express yourself? Are you having fun? Are you proud of yourself?  These questions should be our focus.

Here I want to briefly mention a part of an exercise I heard from Lisa Nichols. Every morning wake up and while looking at yourself in the mirror say: ” I am proud of you for …” And find 7 reasons every day to be proud of yourself for. You can repeat yourself every day, or add a new one every day, but you have to give yourself 7 different reasons every day to praise yourself and appreciate your own effort. This takes right in the correct place of focus.

4. We are in the middle of the first wave of Mass Ascension, and the more people awaken, the more negative feedback you will see. And that is a beautiful thing.

People who are awakening now have been deeply asleep for a very long time. Their level of consciousness vastly differs from yours. And you have come here on a mission to help wake those people up, to help them up in higher perceptions, higher vibrations. So your work, your self-expression is a lot of the times aimed at stirring things up in their field. Your level of alignment will naturally produce discomfort within them, as you now serve as a mirror for all their misalignments. And they rebel against that awareness. And it, too, is normal. Didn’t we all in the beginning ?

So allow them experience their discomfort of illuminating the shadow, and hold space for their transformation.

5. The more you embody your energy, the more free you become in your self-expression, the bolder and stronger your message becomes, and the more negative feedback you will see.

Which is something I have highlighted in the beginning of this post, and something that a lot of people are experiencing right now. As we get our filters off, we notice more are more negative feedback. As the energy working through us becomes more and more potent, saturated with light.

And the second aspect of this is that as we shift in our growth we sometimes outgrow some of our following / fans / customers. Or, similarly, our fans / followers / customers sometimes outgrow us. And it is a very natural and beautiful process of evolution and the Law Of Attraction. We will attract and rappel waves of people around us as we evolve, and it is only natural and needed for all. So if you see negative feedback, people dropping out of your field as a result of your self-expression, take it as a natural growth for both parties. Everyone will find their truth as a result of this.

So with this post I wish to encourage you to take negative feedback as a part of the process, as a family member, as a companion. Accept it. And celebrate YOU and your having fun in expressing yourself.

I hope this can help you along your path of living your life purpose. Like this post, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and have a private session with me while the slots are still available. As i mentioned in my previous update, I will be cutting the number of slots available significantly, so if you have been wanting a one-on-one session with me, now is the time to book it.

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I can not wait to chat with you this Saturday and experience this POWERFUL energy coming for these live calls again.

Love, Katya Turner<3

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