My Ascension Story

  • My Ascension Story Katya Turner

My ascension process has been nothing short of an adventure. It is most definitely still going on, and with this post and this video I come to you with the realness and the raw reality of how ascension can feel like.

All of you who are just now stepping into your ascension process, or those of you who have been on this journey for what seems like forever, I believe, can find something useful and something to relate to here.

The reason behind making this video is: I feel like a lot of talking about ascension and shadow work online is “prettified” in a way. It appears as beautiful words: accepting love within, clearing, purging, unconditionally loving your shadow. But what I feel like not many talk about is

How this process of ascension can ACTUALLY feel

how it can bring you to the floor, how it can get you in touch with the ugliest parts of yourself. And what I see coming up in sessions over and over again, is people being too afraid to “go there”, people thinking that this process is supposed to be some graceful acceptance of new way of life and new thinking patterns, when in reality it looks more like you balling on the floor, sometimes for hours, until your small self can resist no more or until you allow yourself to see what is coming for you. And a lot of the times it is NOT pretty.

In this video I describe a lot of the the scary and unnerving physical symptoms of ascension I have experienced, how they made me feel, I describe how the death of the ego ( or the hardest initial part of it) felt for me, I share some of the past lives I have seen when working through my shadow, and what’s coming up for clearing these days.

So let this video be an “out” for you. With opening up about my own process and the horrible past lives I saw, embraced and loved myself through, I hope to give you the courage to do the same.

I love you and thank you for watching, liking and sharing!

How is your ascension process going so far? What are the most challenging areas you have experienced? Let’s talk in the comments! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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