MIND MASTERY: Let Go Of The Need To Understand

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Hi all <3

Today’s topic is so interesting to me, as I have been observing us trying to master our mind in the last 3 months, and more so in November and December. And it has been a very interesting process to witness, how day by day, moment by moment, we have been becoming more and more efficient at using our mind-machines, how we have been slowly gaining control over them through the power of deliberate focus, and how we have been learning to choose alignment versus engaging in endless discussions “upstairs”.

I am writing this post about a week after I filmed the video, so I might add even more details to the post itself. Although I still encourage you guys to listen to the video and absorb all of that energy that is coming through with the message.

One of the major energy themes of December has been and will continue to be letting go of our need to understand, to mentally process events around us before we choose alignment. Read into this sentence and notice how this has been the process we have been engaged in for so many years. Now, as we are moving into 5D living, the need to mentally process information and make sense of it is no longer there, as we have a shortcut to alignment through the heart. We know what alignment with Spirit is, how it feels like, and what it looks like in our daily lives on a moment by moment basis, as we have been integrating it for months now.

We no longer need to mentally process and understand information before we can choose to move into alignment or let something go ( which is equivalent of moving back into alignment) or choose what we feel is right in our heart ( which, again, is alignment).

The energies of the Super Full Moon coming on the 14th that can already be felt, are highlighting this issue more than ever. And for all of us it will look different, as we tend to cling to different subjects more than others, but all of us are being asked to look for that alignment through the heart, and not through “understanding your way into it”.

Let this video serve you as a powerful reminder to look for your alignment with your personal power and truth in your heart, to choose alignment in every moment and to ket go of the need to reason with yourself in your head as to why you should choose it vs fear and limiting beliefs.




I hope it helps you in navigating the rest of December energies and our “mind mastery boot camp” that we seem to be a part of these days. Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, have a private session with me, and let me know your thoughts on this topic and your experiences with mind mastery in the comments.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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