MIND MASTERY: Know Your Equipment

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Hi Tribe <3

Wow, how intense the past couple of days were for me. The intensity of this portal we are in is not a joke for sure. I was hoping to make December energy update video along with many more videos I have lined up for you, but was down with some of the most intense Kundalini movements I have experienced to date. How are you holding up in these energies? Now that I am feeling better and lighter, I will be making the update soon, so stay tuned for that.

In today’s post I want to discuss something very fascinating to me – how our mind operates. It took me quite some time to cultivate the observer within and not identify with my thoughts. But when I did, everything changed. I was able to observe my mind even in the most intense of moments, and notice how it reacts to certain things, how it takes in and processes different kinds of information. All of this has been very valuable in my understanding that my mind is a TOOL, it is my EQUIPMENT. And just as any other equipment we use in our lives, it’s good to know how it operates so that we use it efficiently. Then instead of trying to bang on a screw with a screwdriver, we can use that rotating motion to accomplish the task we set out to do with ease and speed.

When we learn specifics of our upstairs machines, we can work WITH them, we can use them intentionally to accomplish our goals, instead of being used by them, being slowed down by them with our lack of knowledge and mastery of them.

So with this video I want to encourage you to get to know your equipment you have been given when incarnated in this lifetime in your physical body. I give you examples of how it works in my life, what I do to work with it and how you can do the same.



I hope this video helps you on your journey to mind mastery and opens up new avenues of looking at the tools we have incarnated with. Like it, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe and have a private session with me.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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