MARCH 2017 ENERGY: Finding The Core

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Hi tribe <3 It seems like forever since I have done an energy update, so much has changed, I have been through so many personal shifts, it feels like I am writing this from another life 🙂

When I tuned in to ask my guides about the energies of March 2017, they showed me a volcano spewing out lava high into the sky where lava becomes fireworks. How amazingly accurate that is! After 2 weeks of allowing the eclipse energies go into our depths and stir up all that lava, it produced the greatest shifts in our being, and in combination with the energies of the new moon on the 26th, it definitely feels like fireworks.

In this month’s energy forecast I talk about the following:

  • eclipse energy hangover
  • pause and forward movement
  • exciting beautiful energies of the new moon on February 26th
  • end of a cycle and beginning of a new one
  • radical self love through accepting where you are emotionally and circumstantially
  • forward movement through stillness
  • finding the core of your energy and living from there
  • practical ways of finding that core and remaining there
  • releasing attachments to smallness of human aspect
  • physical ascension symptoms
  • I also give you a POWERFUL visualization and a higher perspective to adopt to find your true energy and live from there


What a full exciting month we have ahead of us <3 In this video I also talk about the live events I will be holding this month, and I am very excited to announce the new Ascension Mastery live calls I will be doing, that will focus on the current energies, lessons coming up for us to learn, channeled guidance on how to flow through the current energies and as always live Q&A. Here are all the events I will be doing this month:

– March 11th – Ascension Mastery Live Call
– March 18th – #PurposeCalls Synchronization Group
– March 25th – Ascension Mastery Live Call

In the video I also tell you how you can win a free intuitive session with me this month, how you can listen to the #PurposeCalls I held in February, and more.

I hope it is helpful to you on your journey, I hope it sheds some light on what you have been experiencing lately, and brings more clarity to what is coming and is to come in March. Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog, have a private session with me, and I will see you in #PurposeCalls and Ascension Mastery Calls.

Love, Katya <3


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  1. Astrid March 2, 2017 at 3:54 am

    I love your videos! I am finding it so hard to accept myself, and the issues of self love keeps coming up for me. This video really hit the sweet spot for me, accepting where I am right now and not trying to just move on. It feels like relief to immerse myself in the feeling and not judge. It feels like relief to just allow myself to be exactly where I am, right now. Thank you sooo much!!

    • Katya Turner March 2, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      You are so very welcome and I know exactly what you are talking about. For me that visualization of pulling out of Earth and the thought of “how can I enjoy this moment right here with all this awesome tools I have” have revolutionized self-love. As I no longer have to force anything but rather just connect to that fact that this life is just about me and me. And if I am not showing up for me than it is all worthless. Such a shift !!!!!!!

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