Making Of The Egyptians Mummies And Re-Writing Human History

Yesterday I kept having an intrusive vision of an Egyptian mummy in what seemed like a hallway. Yet I never found the time to explore it. Today it came in in my meditation, and wow it did not disappoint again.

It started out with a mummy and a big beautiful eagle.  Next I saw people wrapping a still person in bandages. They dipped bandages in liquid, and were wrapping them around a sitting person. That person was not dead, but it was not fully alive either.

It was in a state of “conservation” or “conserved consciousness”. Its eyes were closed, it had absolutely still look. Yet alive with “the spark”.

Later they helped a person stand up and proceeded to wrap the legs.

I was one of the beings who were there to plan and  facilitate the process, yet I was not wrapping. I was observing and feeling immensely excited, as I knew one day people would find what we were hiding underneath. It was like wrapping a present for a child, knowing that it will change the child’s life and will make him so so happy.

I was a big being, gold, almost looking like an alive gold statue. There were 7 of us, but none of us were actually doing the wrapping and preparing of the mummy. We were observing and facilitating.  The knowing came very clear that the being inside the mummy was not fully human.

Then humans proceeded to put clay over bandages. They formed a statue out of it with clay.  And the following channeling came through:

When Sun reacts to Earth’s energy field in a certain way, the statues will break apart, and the beings will step out. They are the Gods that created the Human Race. Then it will be safe. They will walk this Earth with humans and co-create together.

But the Field of the Earth has to rise higher for this to happen.

This is another preview of the “ancient” ( It was made clear to me that I had to use “ancient” in quotation marks) knowledge for you. The Human History as you know it is coming to an end. You are about to find out way more details about your Earth and how humans were created.

Then I saw a beautiful big ship descending in the night sky. Galactic beings came out bringing forth a tablet. The tablet was dark grey, made of stone and had symbols and hieroglyphs on it.  They gave the tablet to humans who were there to receive it, and the message came clear that this knowledge is presented to all people who are there to receive it, who show up for it .

You are not the only one who are given these visions. They are popping up all over Earth. Together you will create the new media, you will re-write your history, and humanity will know its true origins and its true power once and for all.

It needs to be done in order to raise awareness, raise consciousness levels, uplift your planet.

Then I saw a beautiful eagle again. It was made clear to me that this Eagle is my guide through this ancient knowledge to the TRUTH. he took me over to the pyramids and showed me people who were going to the pyramids at night, trying to hide physical evidence, doing all in their power ( and they a lot of “societal” power) to prevent people from finding physical proof.

Yet they have no idea what is really going on.

That all over the planet the “light bulbs” are turning on, people are transcribing these beautiful messages and revelations from the Divine and thus a NEW WORLD is born.

A world you are creating by writing this down, by sharing it with others.

The world of TRUTH.

And so it is.


Wow that was wild! Are you receiving similar visions in meditations? Share them in the comments below and YES to the new World Of Truth <3

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