LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Are Other People Holding You Back?

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Hi tribe <3

Today I want to discuss something that has been coming through in every single session all last week and seems to be a very prominent  theme in the collective. It is relationships with other people, how they contribute and take away from the quality of our lives, and the concept of other people holding us back from our self-expression, from living our purpose, from being truly free.

Have you ever stopped to think that if it wasn’t for this or that circumstance, you would be now writing, researching, networking – doing anything and everything to move you closer to living your dreams and having your dream career / business? How many times did that circumstance have something to do with other people in your life? So the script you heard in your head would go something like this: I really wan to be reading this amazing book right now that can help me in my transformation, but I am a wife, and need to be cooking dinner instead. So my dream will have to wait. Or. I really need to be working on that website, but it is the weekend and I need to take kids to the park, as I am a mom, and it is my responsibility to keep them entertained and happy. Or. It sounds so amazing to go to that conference, I’d meet so many like-minded people in my field, but I can’t, as I owe it to my elderly parents to stay with them. They sacrificed their time and health for me and now it is my turn.

And every time you postponed your growth and your showing up for your interests and pulls of the heart again and again, and again. And every time you felt discomfort, but went along with it anyway. As you felt this feeling of responsibility for another. And over time this feeling of discomfort grew and grew, until you felt like your life had no meaning, and you were a prisoner of the circumstances you have created for yourself.




So many people are currently in this boat in one way or another, and the guidance that is coming through for every one in my sessions has been the same, beautiful and profound. The Guides are saying:

You think you owe your time or your effort to other people based on the structures your society has created. You feel this sense of responsibility for others based upon these rules and laws of the same societal structures.

When any giving that you do to another, of time or effort of any kind, should come as a bi-product of your own alignment. And any giving, done as a product of feeling obligated, is causing you misalignment, and ultimately does more harm than good to both parties. 

Let me expand on the societal structures they are talking about. We all live by these scrips:

  • As a mom I owe it to my children to…
  • As a wife, I have to …
  • As a daughter I must / I owe it to my parents to …
  • As an employee I have to …
  • As a boss, I am responsible for ….

We all hold these templates of how we relate to one another in society, and we seek to abide by them, or else we are considered by others, or by ourselves, bad. Bad mom, bad wife, bad daughter, bad boss etc. When all it is, is our participation in this game of society and volunteerly taking on its rules and stories. While our souls, that came in here to experience themselves through us in these physical bodies, have to be squished to the side, waiting for us to liberate ourselves from these stories to begin to live and thrive. As we know, for some it never happens, as people live and die bound by oughts and musts.But we also know, that for you, reading this article, for you, the one shifting into 5D living, living in misalignment is no longer a viable option.

And the guidance comes in so pure and clear: if we were to give anything to anybody, it has to come from our alignment with our desires FIRST. It is the same concept, as one’s cup overflowing. We do not have anything to give until we have filled up our own cup. And any giving should be a natural pull to give out of abundance of love we receive first. Any other form of giving is draining to our energies, as we empty our cup pretty fast when we give without a receiving flow. And we cut off that receiving flow the minute we agree to do anything out of obligation, out of this perceived responsibility for another.

The reason I say perceived, is because in reality we are not responsible for one another, for each others happiness and well-being. We can not control how others perceive life, process their lessons, take in information. Therefore, we can not assume responsibility for happiness and well-being of another, as it is solely their choice to determine their level of vibration at any given moment.

So when we think of other people, or circumstances related to other people holding us back, we are really holding ourselves back by adhering to rules and structures we have picked up blindly. Without regard for our own alignment.

And what will it take for us to liberate ourselves and start living our life’s purpose today? I believe the easiest and fastest way is to go into your fear of being considered / named / judged as bad, give to yourself first, find that alignment with yourself first, follow your heart first, and then see if and how you will want to show up for others. The more we learn the art of self-care and self-love in this way, the more we realize, that quality relationships in our lives, the ones that are really authentic and enriching for our soul, are all based on selfish wants of each party. And only when we collide as a result of both of ours selfish wants and needs,  is when the true magic of connection happens. When nobody is acting against their truth, when both parties are in alignment, the connection becomes deep, effortless, soulful.

So with this post I want to invite you guys on a journey of filling up your cup first. I invite you to craft your day with the focus on you, and how can you show up for your goals and your alignment first. And when it comes to your purpose, your career, your self-expression, I invite you to fulfill YOU first. And after you do that, observe just how much you will want to give to others without any feeling of obligation or responsibility. But with joy and the feeling of freedom to be yourself in your unique way.

And if you have more fears, blocks, things that are holding you back from stepping into your life’s purpose, from expressing your energy to the fullest, I invite you to join me in the #PurposeCalls live call on January 14th, 1PM-3pM, where I will slice through your fears and offer you a radically liberating perspective that will help you into the life of your dreams. I will also take your personal and general questions live, and will use the help of your Guides or Higher Selves if they show up ( on the last call they showed up for every person asking the question, so the Q&A part was like a mini-session with me for everyone who asked a question). I would LOVE to help you live a life of freedom, joy and self-expression.

I hope this post was helpful. Like it, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and have a private session with me. I would LOVE to help you one-on-one.

Love, Katya <3

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