How to Let Go Of The Illusion Of Control – 3 Step Process

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Happy Sunday, guys <3

I hope all is well, and this transformative month of October is treating you well. Today I want to talk about the illusion of control and how to finally let go of it and live a free relaxed life.

Why do we feel like we need to control everything? Because we lack trust. Why so? Because plenty of stuff has happened in our childhood and further in life, that has left us feeling unsafe, hurt, wounded, helpless. Why so? Because as a child we were unable to consciously process intense emotions, we lacked direction from our families on how to do so, and later in life we grew up still not knowing what to do with our feelings and emotions, hence trying to escape them as fast and hard as we can.

And since we have believed that we can not handle our feelings and need to hide from them, we believed that we could not handle anything else other than a desirable comfortable outcomes we have pictured for ourselves. Blocking the flow of life through us. Therefore, we have been trying to control everything and everyone around us to yield only the results our mind was comfortable with.

But now we know that it no longer works. We know that this coping mechanism we have learned in our childhood has to go along with teh belief that we can and should control anything but our own emotional and vibrational state.

This is why I have recorded this video. As I am going through the process of intense fast transformation myself, and this issue has come up for me in the last week so intense, I had to find a way out. And I have found tools that are transforming my life on a moment by moment basis. I am witnessing miracles happen right before my eyes, and that is why I want to share these tools with you.

In this video I describe a 3 step process to take on into your daily routine that can transform your life from that of overthinking and stressing out about possible outcomes, other people’s emotional states and reactions, to that of freedom and ease. I am doing this process now, and can personally say it works miracles.


[youtube id=”mv8_R3yw3LE” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


I hope it is helpful to you on your journey. Enjoy the video, like, share, subscribe, and have an amazing Sunday full of wonderful breakthroughs. <3

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