How To Let Yourself Die … And Experience The Shift

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Hi tribe <3

How many times have you thought to yourself throughout this Ascension / Awakening process: “I feel like I am dying” or “I feel like my life is imploding in me” or “I cant do this anymore”. I bet quite a bit. Some of you are experiencing this feeling right now. How many times have you tried and tried to figure out the reason to some misalignment that was being currently brought forth for you, to only end up felling desperate and helpless? How many times have you tried to shift your focus to positive thinking with all you’ve got, but the sinking feeling only got deeper and deeper?

Throughout the last 30 days I have experienced this quite a bit, and have seen so much of the same out in the collective: in sessions, in your comments, in support groups on social media. That is why I decided to share my thoughts and findings on this topis.

What I have come to understand during my journey is that this feeling of “I feel like I am dying” comes right before a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH and the key to reaching it is to LET YOURSELF DIE. Sink into that feeling of helplessness and despair you feel.

In this video I talk about the practical way of letting parts of your ego and old lower-mind processing die – how exactly to do this in practice.


[youtube id=”oShymvEsQTc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


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Love, Katya Turner <3

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