Learn Telepathy And Connect With Spirit – Easy and POWERFUL Visualization

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What are your thoughts on telepathy ? What about psychic communication with consciousness beyond the veil?

For the majority of us these concepts feel very distant. Yeah, some people can do it, but I am just not gifted like that. This used to be my take on it for years, until I discovered the following:

Telepathy and psychic abilities are not special gifts for special people. They are a natural ability of every human on Earth. It’s just that some people work on them, and the majority of the population has been conditioned to believe it is not even possible.

Yes, some people are born slightly more tuned in than others. And a lot of the times it has to do with their specific purpose they are here to carry out. But the abilities themselves are absolutely available to anyone, and it is just a matter of will, commitment and intention to exercise that “muscle”.

from what my light team has assured me, this tool I am about to share with you can transcend it all. You absolutely do not have to be psychic or telepathic to successfully use it. This visualization is so powerful, it almost breaks through your humanly constructed matrix of what is possible or what is not.

Here is what IS a prerequisite to doing any of this: you have to be able to accept the information coming to you. I have lost count of how many people come to me in sessions saying that they can not receive visual or audible information, when, in fact, they totally can. And do. But they have not been taught to accept that which they see or hear as valid. Therefore discounting that as a mental clutter, as imagination, as being crazy. All that good jazz we heard growing up.

As I have shared in previous videos, the easiest way I have found to accept the info coming in and not block, judge or discount it as invalid on the spot, is to write it down. When I simply write down all that is coming without trying to make sense of it in the process, I stop blocking the flow. I don’t judge the info coming in, and I simply record what I get. Later I go and read what it is I wrote down and THAT is when it makes the most. Try this out. But also I invite you to consciously examine how it is that you are usually blocking the information, and invent creative ways for you to bypass your mind.


[youtube id=”lx-SWJiGOCQ” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


With this powerful visualization you can connect to any consciousness beyond the veil, as well as practice telepathy with others. Have fun with it, and let me know how it works for you in the comments. Like it, share, subscribe, have a session with me, and enjoy this beautiful weekend.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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