King Tutankhamun’s “Death” & The Start Of The Symbols Interpretation

In today’s meditation I got the next transmission. It was once again triggered by some stray visions and my beloved Pyramid Code on Netflix, that is ever-so-soothing for my active toddler. In the show they briefly discuss the Egyptian hieroglyphs and symbols, and today one of them caught my attention ( it is funny how I watch this show, as I am always busy running behind my baby who is learning to walk and run, making sure she doesn’t trip anywhere, the show is mostly just the background, but every time I watch it, there is something new for me that I missed the last time 🙂

The symbol that caught my attention today was a circle with a dot in the middle, and one of the interviewees was explaining that the meaning of the symbol is “the Sun” and how it was used in Egyptian syntax.

During that moment I caught a very strange feeling inside of me, and almost a rebelling voice, that said “no, that is not what it means.

Its vibrational signature explains another message encoded in it!”

This knowing was so strong and so clear that I decided to give it a “look” in meditation, and yes the symbol was explained from a vibrational perspective – how it was intentionally encoded.

Also, earlier today I started seeing glimpses of a golden tomb, King Tut and the apparition of light that came for him, and I knew there was something for me to see. So I sat down to meditate:

I saw a pharaoh. I was him in this vision. Golden mask, long chin. I knew I was of the Pleiadian origin. I was in an underground part of the Pyramid, and I saw a bright light coming down from the top. It was Mary Magdalene ( makes no logical sense, but it was the light consciousness of her). She said “It’s time”. After hearing those words I break my vessel (my body), almost in half, as if it was made of ceramics. I break the vessel and my light gets out to go with her. The actual body was not broken, but that what it felt like to me while getting out of the body. The momentum was that strong. And my soul ascended upward with Mary Magdalene light.

From above I saw guards find my body. They instantly thought I was murdered. They saw the crack in the back of my head from the impact of my vessel hitting the floor when my soul got out, and made an assumption I was hit there. But in reality the impact was just that strong. My soul was that strong and that big. It was too dense for me in that body.

My vibration was way way higher than that vessel could have sustained. Even though the vessel that I had had a super high vibration for the standards of that time. But it was still not enough.

It was a grand experiment. We tried, and the name King Tutankhamunn is still ringing in the ears of humanity, I made an impact, a lasting mark, a great memory ( laughs – as he is talking about the “soul memory”)

But whats next is up to humanity. Whether to believe these transmissions or disregard them for another thousands of years until they can gather up more information and it will all suddenly make sense

I am coming int your body today because you are my counterpart- my piece, my spark. You have the vibration, you have the channels I need to deliver this information. Yes, it’s hard to hear me as I have to come from behind ( he is talking about the geography of my void, how I get information – I talk about it in this video) , but in time you will be able to fully grasp my being and connect with my consciousness.

Yes you should decipher the alphabet. ( He is referring to the symbols that I saw and believed they meant different things than what humanity has figured out ) . You know how to. You wrote it at one time. Now you are just starting to remember.  And I will give you clues and answers, and we can begin our transmissions today.

Next he gave me the meaning behind 4 symbols: The Key of Wisdom, The Spark, The Staff, and the Waves. All had amazing vibrations and made so much sense ( in the alignment kind of way). In this post I will only post one symbol, and later post all of them together (with more transmissions to come) when I get the direction to do so.

The Key Of Wisdom.

It was used to enlighten, activate, bless on the new journey those who attained a certain level of frequency. They became rulers and counselors, they held the space for the rest of humanity to live and create in. The key of wisdom shows maturity, the level of mastery only a few could achieve.

[what it means in the texts ?] you will know when you see the text in whole.


After we finished the 4 symbols,I saw golden tomb again. Inside was the “shell of a person”, again, almost like made of metal, but inside it had “the spark”. It was  king Tutankhamun, and he came through again with this message:

“ I never really left. My spark, the part of me is still there, guarding the tomb and the frequency of the tomb. When I rise up the world will be different.

I WILL walk the Earth again, but for now I will just live through these transmissions. The tomb has the message you will read in due time. That is why I’m giving you symbols. They will answer a lot of your human questions ( smiles )”.

Wow, these transmissions never disappoint. And with this one, the level of knowing and alignment that came with “reading” each new symbol was astounding. May be i did write them back in time 🙂

What so you guys think? Are any of you getting similar messages or visions in your dreams/meditations? Share them in the comments below, and until the next time 🙂

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