KEEPING IT TOGETHER = BLOCKING IT: Why Nobody Has It Together And Why We Shouldn’t Strive

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Hi dear ones <3 I hope all is well, and December is bringing you much joy, inspiration and excitement.

In this post/video I want to talk about something I believe is very important. It is this concept of having it together / keeping it together / having it figured out. I think it is so so so important to shine the light on the truth of it, especially in our spiritual community, where some are sharing their knowledge and are accepted as teachers, and some are taking in that knowledge and are considering themselves students of those teachers.

The reason why I wanted to bring up this topic today is because so many of you are astounded by my stories I tell you in my intuitive sessions of how I come to learn something, or how I am in the process of learning something and it is so very challenging for me. So many of you say “wow I never thought you are going through this” or “I thought that for a tapped in person like you it is so much easier”. In other words, just because I share my knowledge and breakthroughs publicly (therefore am considered a teacher) and figure some stuff out days before you, you think that I have it together, have it figured out.

So, let’s first look at this concept of having it together. What does it mean to have it together?

To me it speaks of this:

  1. To move through life according to the plan or checklist given to you by society or family or any other external entity that is not your soul. Graduated high school? Check! Enrolled in good college ? Check! Graduated college? Check! Found a good paying job. Check! Met that special someone. Got engaged. Got married. Went to honeymoon. Had a baby. Then second. Then third. Check, check, check! I have life figured out, I proudly have it together. (Do you though? 🙂 )
  2. Not showing your real emotions. Mostly this statement has to do with not showing negative emotions, but i think it is both. Not crying on the subway? No way! That is not acceptable. There are other people around you who do not want to see you go through your human experience. they want to see you being a robot of society, and when you get home THAT is when you can relax, unwind and be yourself. Oh, you forgot what you wanted to cry about? That is my whole point! That is how suppressed emotions happen, how overtime if not acknowledged they create major imbalances within our energy field and subsequently physical ailments. And fun fact, that whole subway wagon was packed full of people doing the same thing. How absurd?! And when it comes to positive emotions, did you notice how there is a cap of positive you can show? How you need to show your joy in a ‘civilized container”, and God forbid you burst out in happy dance, or jump, or squee in happiness. There is a limit to the positive you are allowed to show too.
  3. Having all lessons learned and figured out and never struggling. What a myth! If you are still in a human body, if you are still here, chances are, you have stuff to learn. And as we know from our own experience, learning and expanding is never comfortable, we know that struggle, being unsure, being in doubt, sometimes in fear are all a part of the process. So how did we buy into the illusion that someone out there has all lessons figured out, has life figured out, and we must act like that too. Or else we will be considered inadequate, less then.

Continuously striving to keep it together to me equals a slow suicide. It means NOT allowing your life through you. It means rejecting your life and the experiences of your soul in body to fit in some fabled standard. When we could all just relax, embrace our learning, embrace our emotions as valid, real and valuable, and create lasting solid relationships with each other based on a true authentic connection.

I once thought I had it figured out, I thought I finally had it together ( according to that checklist, and learned behaviors and all that jazz we discussed), to only find out in the last 2 years that I was just REALLY GOOD at blocking it. I got so so good at it, it took me no effort to shove my real feelings and emotions down, bold the door, and portray this image of a powerful woman who knows more than you, who is more confident, more intelligent, more adept at life. I abandoned my vulnerability, my truth, my hurt, and chased some model of life someone told me was needed to be accepted and loved.

Well, thank God for this last year and my dark night of the soul that showed me just how much I have blocked off and just how much I needed and still need to learn. Not only that, I have finally come to accept that learning and figuring stuff out, and growing and expanding in our perspectives and experiences is a life-long process. Which means, I will never, and neither will any of us, ever have it together.

In this video I talk about why we should not even try keeping it together, how it hurts your emotional and physical bodies and prevents you from letting your life-force through you. I hope it is encouraging, inspiring, and liberating.


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Like it, share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel and my blog, have a private session with me, and let me know what you think about this whole concept of having it together. How has it bound you in your life? How were you able to shake it off?

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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