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Hi! My name is Katya Turner and I am an indigo born in USSR, raised in Ukraine. As you can probably tell, growing up as a sensitive open individual was not easy in rigid post-USSR surroundings. As a child, I was very connected, I saw visions, I could hear, see, smell, sense things that others could not. I also had this undeniable sense of purpose, and it baffled me much that others around me did not.

With time, I learned to suppress all my gifts, hide my authentic self, silence my voice in order to fit in the mold of what I “should be”. Years have passed, and I have adjusted to living “normal”, like everyone else. And just when I thought I finally had it figured out, my ascension kicked in. Then I was pushed to unpack my real self, re-discover my gifts, heal all of my traumas and blocks from my past, find my true self in a very raw, pure, beautiful way.

As someone experiencing this first hand, I know how unnerving it can sometimes be: starting from physical symptoms, all the changes occurring in our outer world, strange spiritual experiences, to changes in diet, relationships, visions, revelations, aha moments.

With this website I want to lend you a helping and compassionate hand in this process, be your friend through all the awesome stuff and not so much that ascension can bring, tell you my story and share my experiences for you to know that you are not alone, and what you are going through is very normal and beautiful.

At this time I am working on books one and two of the INDIGO DIARIES trilogy, where I tell my full story, my background, my traumas and struggles, as well as publish raw diary entries for you to see just how real this process was for me, just like it is for you now. This website will be where I announce these books coming out into the world.

Whether you identify as a starseed, indigo, crystal, rainbow or not, here you will find valuable information on spirituality, metaphysics, and ascension, collections of videos, articles, websites that are helpful and informative, as well as my personal insight and lessons I have learned throughout my spiritual journey. I hope it serves you, helps you achieve peace, find your authentic voice and power, helps you be fully and unapologetically YOU in all your beauty and realness.