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Hi loves <3

Today I will discuss another very hot topic in the collective at this time. It is jumping timelines. I have received so many questions about my thoughts on the subject, and decided to put them out here for you. Not claiming that any of this is right or wrong, but this is how I see and feel this process energetically, and it makes a ton of sense for me.

What I have noticed in consciously watching the energy over the past year and a half, is that every time we receive another huge wave of light, we embark on the journey of intense acceleration. And it literally feels like life is speeding up, changes are speeding up, our growth is speeding up, a lot going on altogether. And every time this influx of light is accompanied by a couple of weeks of timeline jumping.

How does a timeline jump / shift feel?

It feels like you woke up in another life. All of a sudden it feels different. Completely or slightly different. And the more tuned in you are to how your energy operates, the more acutely you can feel the difference. You can feel AND see in physical manifestation how the former energy movements are no longer supported or no longer exist all of a sudden. Something that used to have this immense energetic momentum yesterday, collapses today without warning. The flow we were tapped in yesterday or earlier today no longer feels like a flow, we know that there is another direction now available that we have to find.

Moreover, we get to experience the most bizarre physical proof of the phenomenon like Mandela effect, or simply vividly remembering putting a book in a certain place not 2 minutes ago, and finding it in a different place. Wild odd-feeling stuff! 🙂

In this video I tell you my thoughts on

  • why we jump timelines,
  • how it works energetically,
  • how it is beneficial for us,
  • I tell you my stories of how I have experienced timeline shifts in the last 2 weeks,
  • how I become aware that I am shifting timelines
  • my Mandela effect story  (also from the last couple of weeks ) and
  • how to navigate timelines ( how to jump / shift intentionally )




I hope this video is helpful to you on your journey, I hope it shines the light of clarity on the process for you and helps you be a little more at ease with it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and have a private session with me. I would LOVE to help you one-on-one live the life of your greatest joy and freedom.

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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