January 2017 Energy: The Great Re-Shuffle

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Hi tribe <3

In today’s post I want to discuss one of the major themes that is playing out in the collective field right now. I did not even think I was going to make an update video this month, since my work is taking me all new places, but my guidance has been very loud when I sat down to record today’s batch of videos. Not only that, I see now how all these ideas for separate videos I had all melt into this topic and can be beneficial being digested together.

What I will discuss today is the theme of the great re-shuffle. Here is what I mean by it.

Ever since the beginning of this year we started receiving another huger wave of light. As I have previously discussed in this psychic abilities video, every time I see a new wave of light hit Earth, we have a new wave of people who are awakening, and also we have a new wave of people coming online as guides. Those ready to assist the awakening ones with their psychic abilities, sensitivity, newly found higher perspectives, personal insight and practical tools they have discovered in their own journey.

Right now we are in the middle of this wave, and ever since the first of the month this pattern has been reflecting in my intuitive sessions. I started seeing more and more people coming to me who are being activated and plugged in to this field of work, and I have been so happy to assist this process.

At the same time, the wave of people, who have been assisting others up until now, are being moved to a whole new level of work, with the focus more on the collective, rather than individual work. You can listen to me and Andrew talk about in in our video interviews together for the last couple of months, as we have been feeling these shifts in our work. And a couple of days ago I was hit with a wave of such clarity that I did not have before, how my work is also moving me to work more with groups and on a much larger scale, and less with individuals. Funny, Andrew has brought up this shift for me in our talks for some time, but only now has it become really, really clear to me.  And on this note, I want to point out that very soon I will be drastically decreasing my one-one-one availability, so if you have been wanting to have a private session with me, now is the time to book it, while I am still available for this work.

When we look back at the wave of new guides who are coming online at this time, they all share very similar feelings. They come to me in sessions saying “I feel like I have always been a little intuitive, a little tapped in, but I have no idea how to access my abilities or where to even begin with exploring all that I can do. Not only that, I am not even sure if these are abilities or if I am imagining it all.” And to my remark that these thoughts are not coming to them by accident at this time, and that they are ready to help others with their gifts and that it is no wonder they feel so alive and tapped in when they counsel or give advice, I often hear in response ” I have no idea how to do this. How did you develop your abilities to be able to do this?”

I have also been receiving this question a lot in messages from you guys, and this is a perfect context to answer it.

I did nothing to develop my abilities, I uncovered them in the process of showing up for others in my intuitive sessions.

I was much like you all my life. I saw things, I felt things, I was afraid of them, I suddenly just knew things, I heard, smelled, sensed things that others did not. I could see through any person to their core, feel what they are feeling, hear what they were thinking, seeing where they were misaligned. And I believed that I was crazy. I believed that I was broken, weird. Until I started showing up for others in my intuitive sessions and all my feelings were being validated, all my knowings turned out to be true. I have always known I was very clairvoyant, but in sessions I have discovered that I was also able to hear, direct channel, and just know amazing universal truths ( claircongniance ). I also finally understood the essence of intuitive empathy, how it worked energetically, and why people in my life were so rebellious to my guidance and insight into their state of being up until now.

Through this experience I have uncovered such a power of alignment, such a connection to my own Higher Self, my Alchemist self, my Truth. It has liberated me in so many different ways and has put me on my path towards my life’s purpose. This is why with this blog post and this video I want to encourage those of you who feel you have intuitive hits about other people, if you feel you just know things for them, the collective, if you feel like you thrive in giving advice to others and helping others through their struggles, to show up and help guide others awakening. Show up without knowing all that you can do, and uncover it all in the process. Now more than ever you and your sensitivity are needed to help guide the first wave of mass awakening that is happening as I type it.

Another side effect of this acceleration and this master-re-shuffle is the huge gap in levels consciousness we are experiencing at the moment. And the more we step out back into the matrix, the more we get out in the world, the more we feel it in our lives. How does it manifest?

We feel as if we can not relate to some people altogether. Their 3D conversations seem shallow and a waste of time, we wildly disagree with their points of view as we have much different perspectives on things after our awakening. Sometimes we bite our tongues because we feel like if we were to speak our truth, it could potentially hurt those people, as they might not be ready to hear it. Or this can show up as ideas to express yourself, your newly found knowledge and alignment, but a lot of the times those ideas are met with much resistance from within, as we feel people are not ready for THAT.

And the guidance that has been coming for people in sessions has states that if your alignment dictates speaking up, then it is your job to do so regardless of how you think it might affect those around you. Hurt, wake up, shake up. Not only that, it dictates you not prettifying it, not getting  to their level of consciousness to explain it, but instead your task is to

Broadcast YOUR consciousness at YOUR level of awareness.

And if that means that the message comes out of you blunt and to the point, that is the way your soul intends to express itself through you, and your job is to let it. And here they gave me this beautiful metaphor in yesterday’s session that I want to share with you.

They showed me this client reaching into his heart, grabbing a big rock and tossing it out in front of him. After doing so, kind of sitting down and scrunching in fear: is the rock going to hit someone and hurt them, or is someone going to catch it? But as he threw the rock, he also noticed this level of lightness and well-being that followed, so he reached in to his heat to grab another rock. This time he threw it with much more enthusiasm and eagerness, curiously and excitingly awaiting response to it: will someone catch it, or will it hit someone.

His Higher Self explained that the rocks are a metaphor for your truth and your ideas. And that your job is to take them out of your heart and to throw them out there with no regard for whether they will put others in the state of discomfort, or will be caught by those able to catch them. A perfect depiction of us making the waves out in the collective.

In this video I talk in great depth about discovering my psychic abilities through showing up for others, how exactly it showed up and unfolded in my life to give you an idea of how it happens, I also go in great detail about how this “throwing rocks” at your level of awareness works energetically with other people and why us being in our alignment and causing other people discomfort is actually a great gift and blessing to them.



I also talk about the #PurposeCalls I will be hosting on the 21st and tell you 21 different topics I will be covering during that live call that all have to do with sharing the love that you are are flowing in your life purpose. Some of the topics are:

  • How your purpose works through you energetically and why it is important to express yourself
  • How to stop looking for support and validation outside of ourselves
  • How to align with money, value of your work and how much to charge
  • How to transcend resistance to learning
  • How not to fear negative feedback and embrace and love it instead
  • How self-love, health, and your diet have everything to do with your purpose
  • Plus so many marketing, business, branding and tech tips and so much more!

This is going to be such an information-rich call, not even mentioning all that POWERFUL energy coming through during these. I enjoy them wildly, and so do the attendees as they feel this monumental energy, and I can not wait to talk to you this Saturday as well and help you on your path of becoming your most-aligned joyful self.

You can register for the live call here, and in the mean time like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, have a private session with me and let me know your experiences with these new energies in the comments.

Love, Katya <3

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