Integrating Diamond Frequency

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Today’s post is greatly inspired by my own intense experience paired with AMAZING insight coming through one of the sessions. It has to do with integrating the Diamond Frequency.

The process of raising our general frequency is quite simple: the next level of vibration gets downloaded into your body, and then it works on eliminating everything it finds on its way that is of a lower vibration, transmuting it into love. 

For us on a more physical level, the first stage feels amazing. When we are being filled up  with light of the next stage, it often feels like bliss, inner peace, expansion, full alignment to our flow and the energy of our True Self. In that moment we are, indeed, aligned, and a lot of the times will feel like the veil is gone: we can feel like we are both here and “there” at the same time, and can easily shift focus to see behind the veil, easily get insight, higher perspectives.

The next stage of integration this frequency is often way less pleasant. As the light finds all that not in alignment with the new higher vibration, it is being brought to the surface to be healed, accepted, loved. Moreover, this process also affects our physical body. You will see a direct correlation with what you are purging being also processed through the body, and that manifests as “random” pains, aches, sleepiness, tiredness, heart palpitations, and a plethora of other physical symptoms.

After integrating Rainbow Frequency earlier this spring under Wave X#2, I have received the Diamond Frequency download over the first weekend of July. And it was nothing short of amazing. For about half the day 🙂  And the energy “went to work”. Which meant and still means lots of inner work for me. This wave of upgrades has definitely been the most intense to date, making the transmission that came in one of my sessions so incredibly valuable for my own experience and for you, the integrating ones.

When I started integrating the Diamond Frequency the first obvious thing was me being drawn to so much junk food – something I am very far from for a couple of years now. I was craving carbs, and generally low-vibe food, which felt very weird. The next thing that I noticed was my unbeatable desire to sleep – all. the. time. I was taking a nap with my daughter every day, and that did not seem enough. At some points in the day I just had to check out and have an extra nap, as I felt like I could not go on without it. I felt super exhausted and weak, all while doing so much inner work (emotional integration), which exhausts you even more.

When I tuned in to my guidance, they showed me a visual of these diamond light codes looking almost like chipped pieces of glass – super sharp and super high vibe – all descending into the body. And the aftermath felt exactly like that – like those sharp little pieces were cutting out little bits of me – it hurt both physically and emotionally. It manifested as these random aches and pains all over the body, general exhaustion and super intense emotions coming up to heal. It felt like an energetic surgery – and that is exactly what my Higher Self showed me:

a visual of my energetic body being cut “raw” with these diamond particles – some pieces got re-positioned: something that used to be on the bottom right now had to go to the upper left side, some pieces had to be removed. They said: “You are literally getting an energetic surgery, so you should take it very easy”.

Also, an interesting moment was , that when I tuned into the particles, I could clearly sense the Arcturian energy ( which is all about sacred geometry, high level matrix programming and coding) and the energy of Orion ( which I always feel as the purest form of light – it has everything to do with activating your lightbody, with qualities and functions of different kinds of light). Powerful combo!!!

Later, in one of the sessions I had a wonderful client who was going through the exact same process of integration of this super high Diamond Frequency, and a beautiful messages came through the Higher Self.

What came in was that this energy is a very smart energy that bears its own consciousness, that we can talk to it, and that this energy can explain what it is doing and what is good for it that we can do to speed up the process and make it more bearable.

Amazing! How did I never think of that? I was in a good habit of talking to my body for some time now, but it never occurred to me that this incoming vibration could have it’s own consciousness AND suggest us how to get through the integration comfortably. Revolution in my world:)

The next day I sat down to talk to this energy, and here are the points that came through:

  1. Be still. You are receiving a surgery. The more you can slow down and have tranquil downtime, the better.
  2. A lot of people integrating diamond vibration feel drawn to junk food, and seemingly lapse in their food choices. It is a natural response of your body, that is quite confused by what is going on, and it is trying to balance back into an energetic territory that is more comfortable.
  3. Less TV. More nature and stillness.
  4. The slower the thoughts, the easier you will see negative patterns and change them, the easier you will see how uncomfortable emotions start in your body and will take appropriate measures to integrate them.
  5. This is an intense process: the most intense you have experienced thus far. But the more still you are, the easier it will be.
  6. If you are creating – do it slowly
  7. If you experience excitement, even extreme excitement, slow down and pull it in to the mellow joy instead ( slow breathing can help with that )
  8. If you are processing tough issues from your past, invest as much self-love and care in the process as possible – take that extra time for yourself and allow.
  9. Pick gentle surroundings: gentle colors, sounds, smells, light
  10. Ground as much as possible
  11. Children and animals can help ease and speed up the process ( without them you would fight the process more – both physically and emotional. They put you at the state of ease. So if you don’t have kids – go to the park, if you don’t have animals – go to the shelter. Immerse yourself, open your heart, and focus on flow and joy you naturally experience by being with kids or animals )
  12. Consciously accept the light and the higher vibration with open heart, invite it in, allow.
  13. Call in your Arcturian and Orion counterparts to assist. Ask them to intervene and correct the process if it gets too painful
  14. VISUALIZATION: Imagine yourself in the center of a diamond. Imagine its internal energetic grid. See how your own energetic grid is being aligned with the grid of the diamond. See how the diamond is glowing with these opaque rainbow refractions. See how your body is absorbing the glow and becomes one with the structure and the light of the diamond.

It was all about stillness and being gentle with yourself. And that was exactly when I tried. Not that I could check out for a month, as I still am looking after a toddler, but I did everything that was in my power to even out the waves of my energetic surroundings. I slept as much as I could, I ate carbs if I felt like I needed to, I spent all the time of the cool afternoons outside grounding, and it really seemed to ease the edge. But the most help that I got out of it, was a peace of mind, and the ability to communicate with this new energy on a daily basis and see what it needed from me on any given day. Pretty cool stuff.

I hope your integration is going smooth, and if it is not, that these 14 tips can ease you into this incredible upgrade. Do you know of any other amazing tools to get through this powerful upgrade? Share them in the comments below!

This feels monumental, a jump UP like never before. And I wish you the smoothest of surfing on this wave.

Love, Katya <3

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