How To Integrate Energies Of Your Higher Self

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Hi tribe <3

We talk about integration a lot. It is a pretty sounding word that associated with much struggle and stepping out of the comfort zone. But what exactly is it? How does integration work? How can we be mindful about this process and what can we do in our day-to-day lives to assist this integration?

In the course of my spiritual awakening here is what I have come to understand. First we get an energetic download. We feel expansion, clarity, personal power like never before. And then this blissful feeling disappears and we are left what feels like alone with a lot “baggage to unpack”. The reason for that is that the next step for this energy is to show you all that is not in alignment with your core Truth, with your Higher Self, which, in essence, is unconditional love. Illumination of aspects of your shadow. Making all that was unconscious, conscious.  At this stage we are being shown in a very exaggerated manner all that no longer works for us, our limiting beliefs tat hold us back from embodying our highest potential, all fears that control our actions, all thought patterns that participate in creation of aspects that we do not wish to experience. Then through some soul search we find how to heal those aspects, and what would actions made out of alignment with our Truth look like. We realize that we do not act like that quite yet, but now we know how to act and what to do to embody more of your Higher Self in those aspects of life.

And here is where integration begins. Integration, in my opinion, is practical implementation of the expanded knowledge we receive through spiritual awakening. It is acting on your new knowledge, acting on your new discovered inner depth, and exercising it in the world around you. It is practicing being that master that you are out in the world, with people who you like and dislike, people who make you happy ans people who hurt you, your family, friends, pets. All aspects of your physical reality. That is practicing your mastery here on Earth. THAT is full integration of the energies of your Higher Self.

In this video I describe a practical process we can implement to consciously assist our integration. What can we do in our day-to-day lives to help us integrate our True Self in society, in our family units, in our encounters with nature, etc.


[youtube id=”HTTomE00uXo” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


And here is an important point I want to mention before closing. Integration is a gradual process. You WILL  experience times when feel like you have mastered the issue, but then you WILL experience times when you feel like you have failed. It is all a part of the practice of our mastery. And it will take time and a thousand of baby steps. So try not to judge yourself in the process and appreciate your every effort to be the new authentic you that you yourself are discovering more and more every day. Honor all the feelings that might come up when you feel like you have failed. They are not to be judged, but a valid part of your human experience. Love yourself through it, like you would love a child who is learning a new skill. With unconditional acceptance and love.

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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