Imagination Is Your Golden Key

When we are growing up we often here things like “It’s just your imagination” or “Your imagination is too much out there, you have to come down to real life”. I know each of you heard that at least once in your life, whether it was directed at you or someone else.  We grow up believing that our imagination is a silly ability used for entertainment purposes only. When in reality it is so much more. It is the gateway to your Divine Self, a vital tool of creation, a space of exploring our inner space. It is the pathway of communication with your Higher / Multidimensional Self, Guides, Angels, crossed over loved ones. It is so much more than we are led to believe, and I was so delighted to find numerous sources that validate this concept that I had ever since being a child.


Here Darryl Anka channels Bashar in explaining the concept of imagination. It is a very in-depth and very clear explanation of how we use imagination to create our reality and connect with our Higher Mind in finding and following our life purpose:

If you are willing to use your imagination without filtering your communication from the Higher Mind through belief systems that contain fear, then you will find that the outcome can always be a positive one. And you can always amplify and magnify that in any direction, in any area of your lives. It (The Higher Mind) can see all the pathways you can possibly take in life, and it guides you toward the path of least resistance, the path that is most truly you.

The vibration of excitement, the vibration of passion is what functions like the compass needle, it is your magnetic North, your True Self. By following your passion, by following your excitement, by pointing the needle in that direction and that direction only, you will always be completely, purely, squarely on the path that is most truly you, your core, True Natural Self. … Thus  then to trust the Higher Mind to let you know that if the Higher Mind is sending you information that pushed you in the direction of your passion and you trust that, what the Higher Mind is telling you, that by following your passion the “how” will be taken care of. Because the Higher Mind can see how you are gonna get there. And the translation of that “how” through the imagination is the physical sensation of excitement, joy, passion, and love. That’s how the Higher Mind speaks to the physical mind — through the conduit of imagination, with those feelings, those vibrations, those energies, those pictures.

When you are in an imaginative creative state, your brain, the neurology, the way the electrical pathways flow will be different that any other state. When you are born in physical reality the first moment that you crystallize, shall we say, your spirit into the physical matrix, it crystallizes the kind of pattern within you that represents the idea of your soul agreement, your relationship to your Higher Self at that moment.

Your imagination will actually always bring you back to your zero moment agreement of when you are born. It will actually re-structure the neurological pathways of the brain back to that child-like moment, where anything is possible. That’s what’s key to understand about the function of imagination in your physical reality. It is your re-set button. So when you find yourself feeling lost, feeling confused, feeling at odds, go into your imagination, open up the conduit of communion between your physical mind and Higher Mind, and push the reset button. Go back to the zero point. Let the neurological pathways re-align and then in that state open up to the infinite possibilities.

You can not imagine nonexistence. Anything, everything, that you can imagine is somewhere, some when, somehow a reality, a real reality. 1-2-3. Let yourself re-set using your imagination. Let yourself create using your imagination. Let yourself act it out using your imagination. and your imagination thus then, used in the 1-2-3 way, will allow you to become the magician that you are.

Another amazing source of insight on imagination is this channeled message from Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young ( It reminds us that our imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of our brain.

For those of you looking for more of an actual conversation with us, please understand that those interactions are telepathic. You must trust and allow it to flow, and pay attention to where it comes from. Your own inner voice tends to come from within your own head. Divine transmissions, when you pay attention, will come from above and outside of you, often from slightly to the left.

Even if you feel like not one thing is happening in your attempts, please know that you could be being energetically adjusted so that you are moved into a better alignment to allow communication to occur. This is a wonderful thing, but it can take some time, so trust in the process.

The last thing we wish to say is to have fun and be easy with yourselves in the process. Flow. Allow your imagination free rein as your imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your mind. Do not be too concerned at the beginning about whether something is “just your imagination” as your imagination is a vital part of the process. Eventually something will happen that surprises you and that will be when you know it is not your imagination any longer and you have moved into the realm of psychic experience. Rest assured, we are available to each and every one of you to communicate with if that is something you desire.

I myself can attest to this, as I had a lot ( a lot!!!) of experiences in meditation when I will “start” the story and the next moment I realize that I am just watching, and I no longer “control” it.

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. in her “Seven Steps To Soul” writes:

Imagination is that portion of us that is childlike. It isn’t real. Or is it? Could it be that our imagination is a powerful tool that we can use to mold our dreams into a future ~ into a NOW? If we can take the risk and enter the unknown, we may find that we are so important that our imagination is the thread that ties us to our Soul and hence, to all of life. Through our imagination, we can create a portal between our outer world and the rich inner worlds of Soul where everything is possible ~ if only we can imagine. And, we are our own gatekeepers.

…The sixth chakra represents our ability to imagine an inner world filled with life. It is important that we believe in our imagination, for only then can we truly believe in our true Self radiating from these inner realities into our everyday life. It is our imagination that allows us to release the illusions of the third dimension and travel on our Path to Soul.

Here is how the Arcturians describe imagination through  Suzanne Lie:

Imagination is 5th dimensional thought. So when you take in food and you imagine it transmuting into light to assist your body to transmute into light, you are indeed in the process of transmutation. In fact, if you could see us, if you could see what we are seeing, if you could see the you that we see, you would realize that you have transmuted yourself much more than you imagine.

And another amazing message from the Arcturians channeled by Suzanne Lie, where they mention imagination as a key to healing your etheric body from the deep traumas of past/parallel lives that we have to remember and integrate:

Thus, you need to have a ” vivid imagination” in order to remember your expression of self in other dimensions and timelines that are running simultaneously to your life in the physical world. We bring up this issue because many of you, our volunteers, are having the experience of consciously experiencing your parallel, alternate and higher dimensional lives.

You are feeling these “stories”, “lives” and “memories” on different timelines and in different locations because you are “packing your bags” and preparing to move back to your “ancestral” Home.

So here it is: not only does imagination provide a pathway into our rich inner world, but it also connects us to our Higher Self, our life’s purpose, creates our physical reality and helps us access our alternate realities for healing and integration.

For me imagination has been a wonderful tool of accessing my past/concurrent lives and timelines in order to heal all past traumas, working through my fears and integrating all the aspects of my Soul. How do you use your imagination? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope this serves you. Love,  Katya <3

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